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The Margins

They are those who live a life philosophy exercising and managing the twentieth century and the beginning of this twenty-first century has been called: the philosophy of win-win. Poor people, until now they have believed and thought that the unhappy are those poor, lacking financial resources to provide themselves a prosperous life or just more or less decent satisfaction of their needs. Go to Carlos Hank Gonzalez for more information. To create and to dismiss them as unhappy, why live on the margins and because their economic misery displayed without shame. But experience and over the years has shown that indeed who he could be seen as unhappy are those people who go through the world thinking that wealth, welfare, prosperity, good life, professional, good education and an excellent social position are the mechanisms and means to ensure the happiness, peace, joy, love and all the good things of this life. Nothing is more uncertain and false that this particular way of seeing life, the world and who live in it. It is a word of people who do not have solidarity, are generally selfish people, selfish to think only of their own good and do not mind the luck or misfortune that haunts the disadvantaged, needy, sick, destitute and forgotten of God ..

Syndrome Postaborto Spa

Why to speak of the syndrome post-I abort? The social and political debate on the abortion by all means concentrates in the ethical implications of the death of the fetus and the consequences of the delayed abortion on the physical health of the mother, giving who the precocious abortion does not have more beneficial consequences for the woman wants who it to realise. But in spite of its little repercussion in mass media, the syndrome post-I abort it exists and it was tried in a communication presented/displayed in XII the National Congress of Sanitary Right. Perhaps check out Cyber Capital for more information. Considering that this congress was declared of sanitary interest by the Ministry of Health and Consumption and by the Independent Community of Madrid, of scientific and professional interest by the General Council of Schools of Doctors of Spain and scientific interest by the Committee Superior of the Latin American Society of Scientific Information and by the Latin American Association of Sanitary Right, it is evident that this syndrome is of extreme importance for all those people interested in the study of consequences of the abortion for the woman. Syndrome post-I abort. (Source: Farallon Capital Management). Original author and source of the article

Deputy Director

One of the factors that have made possible the great evolution of the Google company are its methods of selection when hiring employees. Methods that have succeeded in one of the most important treasures of the company is its human capital. Read additional details here: Mike Madden PostEverything. To identify and select these workers, Google follows a process of selection. Source: Mike Madden. Locate talents in its early days. Companies like Microsoft come to universities on the hunt for brains that capture or even just the career. Google on the other hand notes these talents by identifying in origin the best and allowing them to complete their studies by completing them with masters and doctorates. It does not wait for these future employees from accessing the labour market. Google also organizes competitions and mathematical problems placed in technology magazines.

You pay for these aptitude tests encouraging engineers to submit their answers along with their resumes. All with the goal of hiring engineers as says the Deputy Director of engineering for Google, Alan Eustace worth 300 times more than the average. This Deputy Director also added that he would prefer losing an entire group of graduates engineers by an exceptional technologist. Many Google services such as Google news and Gmail were initiated by a single person. Google intends to continue to maintain these selection criteria that enable it to be exceptionally bright in the identification and incorporation of talent interviews and selection process very hard and complex. The methods used by Google are not conventional.

The contracting process lasting several weeks and may meet with the candidates on 12 occasions. These candidates have signed confidentiality agreements and any negative opinions that have can mean not to continue. During these selection processes there are technical questions which often alternate with questions known as brain teasers so curious as how many golf balls can fit in a school bus? or do many times a clockwise intersect throughout the day? Hire better them so that they also hire the best. The Group that selects candidates is usually comprised of a high number of company employees who know the operation of the same and shall decide on the degree of training to become candidates. It facilitates integration and willingness of workers to maximize diminishing bureaucracy to form small groups of working auto regulated and very effective. Google distributes its employees in 80% time for the development of projects of Google and 20% for own projects. The company achieved this way motivate employees, increase innovative ideas and improve their products with the acquisition of tools that workers produce in this 20% of their time. These are some of the factors that determine the choice of Google workers but many more data exist to the declines to not meet with a wave of candidates prepared for the selection of the company tests. Faculty business original author and source of the article