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Playing In Crisis

Defining Crisis crisis – a process in which the previously overpriced (acquired prior to the crisis is unrealistic high value) assets are becoming their new, realistic and fair (according to market participants) value. Today's crisis is associated with unreasonably high value assets that have been equated to money, namely: – Shares of different enterprises – Securities – Real Estate * – Currency **. Contact information is here: Elon Musk. * Real estate was on the list of assets equivalent to the money, because in recent years, investments in real estate were considered the most profitable investment, in addition, growth in mortgage lending in recent years, largely transformed into real estate asset, equated to money. ** The text we will always share the money as an operational resource type and currency as the asset type, which is equated to money. What actually caused the crisis? "Market value" – the present value goods and services, including commodities, stock and currency values, determined on the basis of supply and demand at any given time on the market.

/ / Raizberg BA, Lozovsky L. S., Starodubtseva EB current economic Dictionary. 5 ed. Rev. and add. – Moscow: INFRA-M, 2007. Nobody, apparently, did not expect that the above assets, equivalent to the money should be something provided. A common mechanism for determining the market value leads to that asset price increases with demand. And indeed, until the demand grew and grew, and cost. At some point, those players who purchased the assets rising in price, want to regain the money with interest.


So here is about the same. You take two different directions, looking for similarities between them and doing a good niche, which is of interest to you and useful users. Say you love rare cars. You can make a site for vintage cars, fill it and hang the advertising, any affiliate. But hardly it will bring a lot of money to you.

And you can do differently. Inflate the different images from vintage cars (preferably with free copyrights), then download the program that makes the screensaver from a set of pictures for an hour svorganit cool screensaver, where a mode slideshow will be displayed rare car and sell it at a buck per copy. Then log into different directories screensavers and live on the money. That blending of the two niches. The first interesting to you, the second is popular with audience. Screensaver can not sell, and give a gift, and instead put in a link to your site, selling advertising. Well, that’s your thing, you’ll do. Importantly, try to live and work on the principle of win-win.

Yes, can with same ringtones make money. Just go on and make a website with ringtones of your favorite groups. You can put ringtones, remixes, backing tracks and so on. That is selling niche content, interesting to you, and people. By the end of the post will bring one example of life. The project brings codeby.net advertising so much money, how much to pay for hosting and supporting the project. The project itself is zero in terms of earning money. BUT! I have received from him over the past two years, about $ 50 000! These money was not received from the advertising or sale of some services (they are not there at all). This money came as a result of those bonds, which gave me this site. I’ve been doing websites, advises, and helped to look for partners. As a result, I now am part owner of two IT companies, and the ties that have built up in the process – helping to make even more money for his own pleasure. Therefore, the site itself is zero, but he brought me a lot of money and connections. PS on regarding the voting of the last post. Those who read my RSS feeds will not be able to vote.


Technique entry must determine the right moment, when a high probability trades with a high profit and low risk. The technique should yield to protect against excessive loss of capital in an unsuccessful entry or spread of the market, as well as effectively record profits at favorable market moves. To be complete, the system must provide the following information: – when, how and at what price to enter the market – when, how and at what price out of the market at a loss – when, how and at what price out of the market with pribylyu.Kak correctly use the trading system? Trading systems can be successful only if they follow in sequence. Hear from experts in the field like Bitcoin for a more varied view. To do this, we must be sure their system. Without confidence trades will be carried out uniformly. The process of building and testing their own trading system will help to achieve the necessary level of confidence before the first real place trade. Create your own trading system not only helps to develop the elements of credibility, but also allows you to customize it to implement a personal preference.

For best results, each system should be tailored to the temperaments and preferences of the trader, who will apply it. A successful trader – a man alone and discharge decisions when trading. It develops its own trading method and familiar as with the pace of trade and the nature of risk. It is more likely to follow a system in crisis. If two traders use the same system, a successful trader can take small losses and continue trading, while another trader may lose confidence in the system and leave the game.

Financial Management

Consultation will help you "Build sales and Sales Management. " Number of bills create sale purchase method of most denominations, a way of sharing their work on the bills and nothing more. In order to have a lot of money to provide what people are willing to exchange for these notes, and to increase the amount of money needed to provide it in large quantities. To know more about this subject visit The Vanguard Group. So lack of money – it's not just Financial Management – it is most likely, no way to earn them, or it's – laziness. Well, if you need the money is good advice – go and earn money, but if you want faster – run and earn a lot. Advice – GOVERNANCE FINENSAMI I want to offer you – a way to manage available finances and no matter how much money is in your hands. This method is suitable both for housewives and for the owner of a huge corporation.

Since both of them manage their finances. Very little is bankrupt of people, who do not have money, they do not incur some increased commitment, not walk into the adventure with the money and therefore do not become bankrupt. I'm not talking about intentional bankruptcy as a way of earning money. Many people which went bankrupt, once managed to get large amounts of money several times greater than their ability to manage them. Lack of ability to manage finances, leading to bankruptcy, as well as to mental disorder. Certainly, you can give hundreds of examples of irrational attitude towards money.

Negotiate Company

The list of activities you can find the one that did not even think to. If a careful inspection of a document you will notice something like that, then mediation officer of the company slipped you a model statute, ie, one that lists all the activities of the classifier. The founding documents should not be mistakes that could lead to complications. Remember: you pay money to get the service of appropriate quality. Therefore, all documents which are prepared by the company you need to be read and understood. If there are any questions, misunderstandings and differences need to seek clarification and corrections in the documents.

By linking its relationship with the intermediary firm, you should pay attention to the above information and to know that these firms are working people, for that often you’re just another customer, who must quickly “to process”. For this reason, they may simply forget to tell you important information – for example, that the company will notify the tax office to open for you bank account by mail and will not send a courier to the Office of the inspection. You can decide for themselves what will be the opposite. Like all people, representatives of these companies also make mistakes, do not follow terms, sometimes not able to advise which bank is better to open a checking account in which the tax is better to register, but may ask you to print the entire set of documents alone ask them to sign and deliver him to them. You immediately should be prepared for this turn of events and pre-negotiate who will do it. If employees are not mediating the company to call you the first time, and then would not do so, believing that you yourself call – because you is important. You will also need to be prepared for the fact that many banks security service runs on the Company’s headquarters and watching it is actually there or not, and can refuse to open a current account – such precedents have been repeatedly. Not to place undue reliance on intermediaries, working with them more carefully Negotiate and supervise the details of the process.

Law Of Nature

The law of nature requires it to sow abundantly to the crop was more abundant. However, the farmer must be careful not to sow more than the amount for which he is able to properly care for. My advice: if you sincerely want to build a great financial harvest, you must first sow a lot of financial seeds. The money you earn – it's your seeds, so sow them in a variety of reasonably fertile place, and they come back to you with more of their kind. You have to think too much and a lot of work if you sincerely want to build a big harvest. An ongoing effort to increase your income.

Use the revenue growth is to sow the seeds for growing ever larger areas, and you can always collect more and more yields. Principle VI is born poor harvest in itself, but an abundant harvest goes to a stable. A young farmer sowed his first field of wheat, and soon realized that weeds grow in abundance in themselves, but for the wheat needed meticulous care. He found that for a rich harvest to invest much time and effort. He learned that if you leave the field unattended weeds all flooded and will take sunlight and moisture at low wheat thus not allowing it to grow. People such as CitGroup Inc. would likely agree. A huge commotion he has caused and what needs to wage a constant struggle with plant diseases, rodents and insect pests. However, the biggest challenge for him began to frequent droughts, which forced him to carry water from nearby rivers to wheat did not die. A young farmer on his experience knew that if he wants to celebrate the harvest, he must steadfastly and patiently to overcome obstacles faced, in his way.

He also understood the rule that nothing of value in life is not achieved easily. He discovered that there are many dangerous enemies and destructive forces of nature with which he has to fight and which must overcome. C Over time he grew older and wiser, and a lot of time getting abundant harvests, has concluded that a number of awards he has received for its durability, it was worth the effort. Listen to me carefully: the moral of this stories about a young peasant applies to life in general, as well as to the financial affairs of any person. For evil in the world is always present itself and perpetuates itself, while good requires care, nutrition, and sustained attention. The underlying meaning of this parable is applicable to any challenges of life, whether it be building wealth, raising children, maintaining important relationships, spirituality, development and maintenance of health and fitness. When sown something bad, it grows like that. However, when it is sown good, it requires constant attention to the harvest was rich. You can, if you show strength, to turn their problems in the building material character. The way you respond to their problems, determine your success or failure. In general, a strong character is cut and formed from granite blocks failures. Strong character – a reward for persistence in difficult times, and virtue – a product of strong character. You will never achieve real success until you will find in the first place and the nature of goodness, because they are the hallmark of force. Your primary goal should training to become a character, because character – the only thing you can take with you into eternity. Now you know the secret of the principles of the crop; be kind to them, and they will be kind to you. Finance, investment and management in our lives


For example, hrhome.ru. Ie in a single place to post a job, and she duplicated at all sites. Convenient. Saves a lot of time. Recruitment agencies are not all expensive, but are, as at least, a good translator of information on the outside. Both positive and negative. Loyal spacecraft will undoubtedly create a positive image of the company for job seekers.

In addition, you will save time browsing uninteresting candidates. Perhaps check out Liberty Mutual for more information. Will receive, so to speak sample J with universities need to cooperate. Not only in terms of attracting young and valuable human resources (although this is important), but also in terms of raising awareness of the company. Young professionals, of course, require large financial and material costs. However, it is often easier to teach than to retrain.

In addition, in rare professions – it is the only possible way to find specialist. Speaking of universities, can also be kept in mind, and various specialized agencies of the narrow focus (technical colleges) and refresher courses or retraining. And finally, hunting. Most complicated and most interesting tool to attract professionals. Certainly requires some skill and training. The only incident that could be candidates for luring away – it's personal features rights. Not always a good track record means that this is the specialist can work comfortably within your company. Therefore, I recommend to spend at least one informal meeting prior to the formation of the offer, in order to determine how "your" candidates. However, despite the fact that we can properly use all sources of personnel, vacancies may still not be closed.


Number of company earned money is in direct proportion to the number of employees, make decisions on their job site. 'When he was of his service in the Navy, we often tried to shift all the solutions to the wise and experienced brigade commander. He knows he is not mistaken. And if they err, then it's him, not us. Him and respond. I shall never forget his words in response to such attempts: 'Guys, I am old and I can not think of any, nor addressed. All I can say. Come and bring a solution.

" Then I did not understand all the wisdom of this principle. Nowhere is this not read. And did not know that an encounter with this not only in the Navy, but also in business, managing the company. Lack of independence of staff – often the scourge of business. I realized this when I read in the encyclopedia of control of L. Ron Hubbard's magic words: 'Do not solve the problem, which presents you a slave. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, Never '. (L.

Ron Hubbard Tom 0, the series 'course head of the organization' article 'Problems') Only now I understand why the word NEVER written 6 times in big letters. Give it a value, despite the simplicity and obviousness. Examine whether you have it. The head, which allows the employee to shift 'the burden of the problems' on the shoulders of the authorities, like the pseudo-parent, calming an upset of the loss of a favorite toy of the child proposal buy a new one.

What Is Planning

Obviously, the planning – it is an activity that is relevant to the future. Therefore, you must first understand the relationship of the past, present and future. The past – it is materializing the future, that is all that occurs, appears first on a subtle level – in the future. Present – is a process of transition of the future into the past. If we compare the time with a pond, the air – the future of the water – the past. Now the same – this is the place where the water connects to the air, it is only our perception of the Rays game on a thin film of the past, bordering the future. Thus, we are constantly witnessing the process of materialization of the future – turning it into the past. For something to appear in the material world, it is necessary to ensure that relevant changes took place in the future. Such changes – and there is planning. This implies that the planning – is the foundation of any human activity, that is, before action is executed, it will be.

The question arises: why do not all desires are fulfilled, why not all the plans materialize? This is because only 1% of what exists on the higher plane, can be realized. A ‘Competition’ maintains only the most sincere desire is the most clear and thoughtful plan. Of all the above, the following conclusions. The foundation of any business is planning. Without planning can not be any action. Planning requires full concentration on the goal, a sincere desire to achieve it. Otherwise, it will materialize over a strong desire to subject planning. For example, a manager has a strong desire for personal enrichment. If it exceeds the desire for prosperity of the enterprise, the whole effect of the organization will be reduced to a chic atmosphere of the headmaster’s office and his luxury car. Planning – an ongoing process. Any business requires a stable job.

Hence, planning should also be stable. That is human desire to achieve your goal should prevail over all his other desires constantly. If this will not happen, the planned activities will be subject to crises that do not allow the company to achieve great success. Now it becomes clear why people who have reached outstanding results in their work, opening at times came at the worst, at first glance, the time (remember Archimedes, who made the discovery, plunging into the bath). Just to be successful, you must continuously plan their activities. As such, we can talk about planning, if a person allows himself to occasionally have a drink ‘to discharge’ – this weakness will inevitably lead to a decline thereafter, manifested in the activity. Planning for the 99% linked to the future and by 1% – with the past. Thus, when planning prevails striving for a goal, rather than study their past mistakes. We give a definition based on these findings. Planning – is continuous mental determination towards achieving a specific goal.

Office Furniture

I thought it was, not whether I get the box to make a table, remove the door, but instead bought in the store office furniture large folding table, which has become my working. For storing work materials and supplies, I got plastic drawers, sliding shelves and baskets. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from author. After spending his “game room” phone, I began to grow roots in it. It was nice to see around the order and know where that is. But even nicer was arranging a mere mess, get out and close the door if you do not like to clean up the junk accumulated on the table and on the floor while working on the next needlework project.

Sometimes creative ideas and plans downright overwhelmed me and I worked for hours on end. And sometimes I felt water the flowers or to engage in the gym. In the mornings I wake up with a feeling of happiness and confidence, in anticipation of an interesting case. As your business in your home at some point it may be too small for him. You may require additional storage space for business-related projects for the papers not to mention a place to work. Expanding workplace, consider whether to take one more room, attach to a new home I expanded workspace. I created the project in the living room, kept the handmade accessories in one of the bedrooms, and another sent everything associated with the business side of the process..