Register FE (unincorporated business, PE) – the fastest and cheapest way to start a business. IP register today quite easily, even without the help of law firms. Procedure for registration of FE (Unincorporated business, Ltd.), of course, the registration of individual entrepreneurs, as well as registration of legal persons can be entrusted to professionals. However, registration of an individual entrepreneur – this is the case, when you can avoid additional costs and to do everything yourself. In recent months, Dennis Lockhart has been very successful. Before registering IP you have to pay a state fee of 400 rubles (address of the recipient can take the tax inspectorate). After that, the state registration of IP you have provide the tax authority only a few papers: Application of state registration of a person as an individual entrepreneur in the form R21001 A copy of the passport of the potential of FE TIN Receipt evidencing the payment of state duty Deadlines FE (unincorporated business, CP) state registration of entrepreneurs (unincorporated business, Ltd.) is carried out within five days from the date of application for registration and the above documents.

After this period, the registered IP issued perpetual state registration certificate. This document is issued in triplicate – held for PIs, the registering authority and the tax authority at the place of registration of an entrepreneur. The cost of registering IP (unincorporated business, Ltd.) In the self-registration of IP of your expenses will be limited to stamp duty at a rate of 400 rubles. Cost of registration individual entrepreneur in law firms ranging from 1.5 to 4 thousand rubles. Usually, this amount included state tax and production printing.