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Chief Executive

Excellence leadership there is that differentiate hierarchical power leadership: the hierarchy can be empowering, but the moral authority can only be achieved with leadership. It may happen that in a human Group Chief and leader are different people: the boss is one who occupies the highest hierarchical position, while the leader is who enjoys moral authority over the rest of the group. In a situation like this, the Chief may give orders which will be complied with and fulfilled for fear of possible disciplinary action, while the leader will not give orders (no hierarchical authority), but their indications, their opinions, their approaches, will be accepted by the rest of the organization. Therefore, it must make it very clear that the leadership of excellence is not only a role reserved for the senior management of a company, but that it is a role that can exert any person irrespective of the position they occupy. The ability to mobilize equipment, leader of the objectives, make decisions, achieve results, of be the reference of the group, etc., can be performed on each level of the organization. Every person can exercise their leadership within their area of competence.

For example, within a company the first Executive may exercise leader, but you can also do it the head of a Department, a commercial, a clerk, a mechanic, etc. The Chief Executive shall exercise it on the entire organization, while the head of a Department may do so within your unit, and the commercial, administrative or mechanic may play this role among his classmates. An employee occupying a middle or low position within a company do not have to limit their performance to a mere conformism or seguidisimo, but that within its sphere of action may adopt an attitude of active, innovative, strong-willed, nonconformist, concerned for the good of the Organization and motivating for the rest of the team. In short, you can exercise leadership so intense as if it occupied first place in the rankings. In fact, one of the responsibilities of the leader of a company is promoting this spirit of leadership at all levels of the organization. A leader who fails to transmit his enthusiasm, promote their values and their way of working is a leader who holds the failure mode. In addition, the leader has an obligation to go forming new leaders among its employees with a view to which tomorrow can replace him.


Ideas to reduce costs and expenses in starting enterprises a project deAumento of utilities and business profitability, requires in addition a methodology and programs implemented by the direction of the Organization of Ideas and creativity. When discusses reduction of expenses and costs, in general, the Organization’s efforts to focus on trimming of staff, reduction in the consumption of some materials that are not considered priority or energy, admas limited investments, among others. These measures involve very significant risks in the quality of products or services sold, in customer service and in general can affect internal controls. Another common problem is that cut-out can be a temporary action, lost the opportunity to implement a measure of awareness and culture in the Organization of reduction of costs and expenses. In the current situation the exercise of a profession and the business require innovation, first to survive and then to increase their profits, require to establish realistic and achievable goals, work to achieve it is very difficult because the recipes and procedures have changed. However there is no other option rather than begin and how everything should start with a reference or an idea.

Based on my experience when I get a call from a company, I propose you implement a program growth of profitability, in addition to the reduction of expenses and costs being the objective of company-wide efficiency targets that increase utilities. Before a project of this nature, where there is no bibliography as you begin, first to achieve successful results is required that the company carried out an organizational change in where the commitment, it is not achieved by imposition, is very important acceptance and commitment of the staff. So as we started? 1. Identify the excesses to be cut (FAT) maintain that moves the Organization (the muscle). This principle is as broad as complex, because a reduction of an expense can result in a loss of service to the client or a problem in the production line. 2 It is essential to identify the critical skills where the activities or operation can improve. Let’s look at the gasket no doubt is a process in the production, sale and distribution of a product that plays an important part in the cost of a product. Because not make us the following questions to identify if there is any reduction in the expense of packaging option:- as it is the procedure of our product packaging – because we do it this way? Do that alternatives exist? – As we receive packing material? -That impact has in the sale or distribution, is indifferent to the customer? What if the sale is manuals, courses, or books and instead of print and Pack sold and sent over Internet? How much is can reduce the cost to the end customer? Seek opportunities for improvement of profits and profitability of the business, requires great creativity and discipline to ensure that the implementation of a process of saving won’t have a counter-productive effect on the organization. Author original and source of the article.