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I will be resounding from the beginning: there is no method of exercise physical to make us lose that weight, and much less that thinning occur precisely and solely in the zone as us want. The only way to get it, nothing advisable, is surgery. But before clarifying why will not get it in a natural way, let’s look at how we are depositing that fat in our body. Fat accumulated in the body have different functions. Some of them are of vital importance, as it may be the subject of internal organs (heart, kidneys), or a proper metabolic functioning, usually located at deep levels of the body. Others, the surface (under the skin), they were indispensable in our origins, but they are not so strong in our first world.

Basically serve two purposes: the first, to fight against the cold (but we already have blankets, fleeces, coats,); and second, provide us a long lasting energy reserve to resort to it if you have nothing to eat (I am convinced that always have something to chop in the fridge). Check out Vanguard for additional information. Let us focus on this second type, subcutaneous fat. The Agency distributes, more or less, in a manner provided by the entire body. Now, it is true that there are certain areas of the body that tend to accumulate more fat than others. Why? If you look at the structure of the human body it is easy to understand. This accumulated fat carries an extra weight to carry.

And if I want to carry a load of more throughout the day, I have to find a more comfortable and balanced way to do so. This depends primarily on two factors:-location of the Centre of gravity body. The closer the center of gravity of our body put the load, the lower the energy needed to transport and easier it will be to maintain our balance.


This popular breed of dog is conformed by animals well muscled and of size medium with greater resistance. Known for its elegance, the Dalmatian has a body similar to the Pointer. The coat is hard, short and dense, white with spots randomly located. Stains can be black or brown. The feet are round with well arched toes and fingernails are white or the same color as the stain. The truffle (nose) is black in dogs of black spots and Brown in brown dogs. The eyes are dark brown or amber, with an intelligent expression.

The ears are soft, fine tuned towards the tip, carry them bent over themselves falling forward. The greater the definition of stains, equitable distribution and size (large stains on the back becoming smaller towards the legs) most valued will be the dog. Due to its history as dogs to accompany carriages, it’s a breed that requires exercise and activity. They are fast runners with great resistance. In rural environments, if left roam freely, it is likely to take long walks and return within several days. Since then in an urban environment this is unreliable so the best is to contain the animal.

His energy and playful nature makes them excellent companions for children, those who resist a pretty rough treatment. It is however essential that the copy is properly socialized and trained in the treatment of children and infants is displayed the right way of playing with the animal; as almost any dog, Dalmatian is perfectly capable of hurting a child, even during an innocent game, and particularly with very young children who may accidentally hit or throw. The Dalmatian is a very sensitive dog that suffers much abuse and hardly forgotten, so it is not recommended to train them with negative methods. It is also a very sociable dog that requires human companion; If left alone, must be trained to tolerate it and avoid suffering and depression; Optionally should buscar you some Companion. Despite his attachment to humans, it is a dog character independent, intelligent and able to survive by itself only. Original author and source of the article