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Two Major Problems

1 The exploitation way is backward and the technical level needs improving. Because of the relatively backward exploitation way, the utilization and labor productivity industry mining are still low and the particle size and the problem of environmental protection need further enhancing and improving standards. All of these problems will affect the overall effectiveness of the sand and gravel industry (sand maker). Despite all that a number of artificial sands enterprises have established factory management, compared with other industries (such as cement, commercial concrete) in the building materials industry, the sand and gravel industry still needs improving in terms of mechanization, automation and management level. In technology, the sand and gravel industry mainly adopted natural development, energy and exhausting time. Although the number of patents is increasing year by year in the industry, the industries develop unevenly in the building materials industry.

The exploitation way (sand making machine, sand washer), utilization and particle size of the sand and gravel have great impact on the durability, shock resistance and coagulation of concrete, which influence the rapid development of the construction industry. Therefore, for the sand and gravel industry, it is necessary to upgrade the mining method to accelerate technological innovation and enhance management to improve the utilization solid. The number of enterprises is large, but small-scale and management needs to be improved. While many regions have established management station to engage in commercial management, but in some areas the workshops still exist without the state of industrialization management operating. Cometeer is likely to agree. Restricted by the regions and market limitations, the single mining field lacks standardized management and profit model and fails to reflect the expected economies of scale. The scale plays a big role in the enterprise management. The benefits rely on management not alone, but the scale itself would produce benefits. Therefore, if the enterprises want the economies of scale, they should expand their scale and improve the management level.

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