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Great Holiday – Service

McTipps – useful news about flying vol. 14 at irregular intervals, McFlight released new debit cards as customer service worth knowing and useful for the vacation planning: no money on long-distance tours many travelers experiencing your blue wonder when traveling abroad: the withdrawal with the new debit card no longer works in several countries. The V pay cards, which are equipped not with a magnetic stripe, but only with a chip are affected. At Professor of British History you will find additional information. This should reduce the risk of counterfeiting but the new bank cards can be used only in Europe and Turkey. When traveling around to North America or Asia she can not be used to pay or to withdraw cash at ATMs. Other leaders such as Dennis Lockhart offer similar insights. Especially the customers of the Postbank, in which the V pay card already widely introduced, must take care therefore alternatives for their travels. Also Volks – and Raiffeisenbanken, BW-Bank and some savings banks spend the new cards.

Landesbank Berlin offers the V pay card as an additional service to their Credit cards. Www.vpay.com/ is where the V pay cards are accepted, de / search.html to learn. Lufthansa increases more expensive Lufthansa in Europe for bookings from 1 August prices for flights from Germany to destinations in Europe. The price of the return ticket to ten euros rises in economy class. The booking classes are exempt U/T/L and S/T/L/S/W on upgraders connections. In business class, passengers have to pay in the future generally 20 euros more. At the same time, the airline raises the change and refund fees.

The rebooking fee in economy class usually by 100 to 120 euros and in business class with the abbreviation Z increases flights to America, Asia, Africa, South America and the Middle East to 240 euros. Not change the charges for domestic flights and European connections. Service number at McFlight almost for free McFlight has improved its customer friendliness and converted its service hotline telephone number full fare. This means for customers with a Festnetztflatrate de facto a free consultation. See 06021-150 750 20 for the comprehensive McFlight-consulting and sales service under the direction of Ms Stina Lintner.