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Anthony Mullins Elite Coaching Alliance

We are not living on a desert island. Do not try to impose their priorities on others. It is always best try to work closely with others and his family on the priorities of the family. Whether in a professional or personal, everyone has their own priorities. Unfortunately, as hard as we try, we can impose our priorities in others.

From the boardroom to the living room, dining room all have priorities. Why should companies spend money on business meetings, the consultants team building and mentoring programs? They are trying to disseminate the objectives of the company to its employees to share a common vision. They are looking for ways to align the priorities of their employees who in his statement of the company’s mission. This also applies in our personal lives. Let me explain.

A monumental point in my marriage was when my wife and I decided that the top three priorities in our life must be common. It seemed that all our marriage problems back to the lack of common priorities. The priorities of all seemed the same, but differ in their order. My decision is based on my primary objective, which differed from that of my wife. I am not advocating change their priorities to suit their spouses, but I think it is critical that you have the same top three priorities and in the same order. Once these are discussed and agreed to, you have to give permission to other accounts of other decisions that affect those priorities. Having discussed and worked through our priorities, we are now better able to communicate and to recognize the value of working together to keep our priorities. Keeping these priorities in mind when making decisions, either separately or together resulted in a more intentional life.

One approach to teamwork allows a greater effort towards accountability of priority. This type of accountability is not demanding, but respectful. As I said before my wife and I gave each other permission to respectfully remind the rest of the time we fell short. Do not forget holds others praise when you succeed. Be respectful instead of confrontation and encourage each other to higher levels of satisfaction in their lives. Our individual and family life revolves around our priorities. In fact, everything in our lives is touched by our priorities. Take ownership of their priorities will allow you to take possession of your life today and for years to come. The real beauty of these principles is that they are perfectly transferable from bedroom to boardroom. Everyone has priorities and have a dream of their lives. We all have the same, you’re living yours? Copyright Anthony Mullins Elite Coaching Alliance 2005 Anthony Mullins is the President and Life Coach of Elite Coaching Alliance. He specializes in marriage and family relations, Christian-based coaching.