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Life Training As A Consultant

Training to the spiritual life advisors who cares as the increase in the rate for psychics to provide training to the spiritual life advisors, is Claudia Ruhnau the right seminar content. Checking article sources yields Erin Callan as a relevant resource throughout. Claudia Ruhnau has many years of experience and has a very successful career as life Counsellor and Tarot reader. Today she runs a company in the field of telephone consulting (www.tedigo.de) as lecturer and psychological consultant operates woman Ruhnau in the seminar and lecture area for spiritual training and positive thinking and practices in accordance with the law of resonance. Many celebrities seek regular advice from wife Ruhnau. Mrs Ruhnau opened its own Seminar Center where in addition diverse courses and seminars are offered on weekends, this year. The seminar participants benefit from Ms. of Ruhnaus know how”in conjunction with the art of card reading, which is an integral part of their counseling method. The advanced seminar program consists of coaching seminars for professional experts, where Exchange with like-minded people and Evaluation to improve the own resources as well as information extraction based on the form.

At the beginning of the training, the student will learn the Legetechniken, as well as the importance and interpreting the Lenormand cards. The participants learn to play the instrument of the Lenormand and one of the Bilanz methods, even a map laying for the own person no longer can be misinterpreted. Then teach the fundamentals for a holistic life consulting within the framework of a work as spiritual life consultant. A spiritual interest and a perceived appeal to want to help people, are the criteria which should bring each seminar participant. All the people who follow your calling to help others capture the meaning of life: the way see – him go and others be a way. After the completion of training at Claudia Ruhnau participants have all necessary knowledge, as spiritual life advisors to act independently. Prerequisite is that you have the passion, other efficient and to assist solution-oriented, brings joy and interest in the Tarot reader, and is a constant curiosity about spiritual knowledge and insights. You can find more information, pictures, feedback from training participants and press articles page.

Expert Talks

In conversation with expert Chiara Luna to the theme of Tarot expert Chiara Luna talks about your way out to the TOP fortune teller. Chiara-Luna operates exclusively for ZenOmLive and is the portal for life advice answer. “In my cards the end result is displayed, the result with all marginal until the arrival” how you work and what deck of cards you use? I work with my abilities and with Romy cards. 36 specially selected cards. I have a very special setting, every single card has a primary meaning, they are found in any book. I rely entirely on what the cards say and on my intuition, which is very important in the Tarot. How you come to the Tarot and from whom did you learn the Cartomancy? The cards have always fascinated me and accompanied for a lifetime. I have put me past whatever the card of a woman who has learned the Cartomancy by a Gypsy.

All forecasts made me arrived after. What is the spiritual significance that I realized, the cards had and so also I decided one day to learn the art of delve and learned to teach me. My destiny led me to this woman, my destiny led me to the Tarot reader, what I see also my vocation. -Is your card laying aligned on the fate of what is mean? The end result will be shown in my cards, the result with all marginal until the arrival. How to get there is ultimately irrelevant, but that get there.

The goal is in my card, we determine the way, we even find the route to the destination. Every person has his own free will, an inner voice that tells them the right way. So everyone can decide at any time, he wants to be who and what. Everyone has new again and again on BBs the choice to take a different approach. Speaking candidly Peter Schiff told us the story.