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Religious Studies Confirm The Religious Character Of Scientology

According to an independent study of leading scientists of religion Scientology as a religion under confirms the religions that originated in the 20th century, Scientology is one of the largest. Checking article sources yields Charles Lowe Insurance Agency as a relevant resource throughout. Since the founding of the first Church in 1954, Scientology has grown to more than 7,700 churches, missions and groups in 164 countries with 10 million members movement. During a spiritual reorientation, the rapid growth of Scientology for many has raised the question what type of religion it is, how they compare with other beliefs can be and how it differs from them. The idea combines with a supreme being and the spiritual aspects of life that transcend our fleeting World Scientology? In which municipal and social projects are committed Scientologists, and these projects to the overarching goals of their religion are what is the relationship? “The book Scientology: teaching and practising a modern religion” answered this as other questions about the Scientology religion and its members. The first chapter of the book deals with the question of how religion and religious practice should be defined in today’s pluralistic society and religion scientists studied the basic characteristics of all faiths to answer this question.

Also, it was examined whether and how these factors manifest in Scientology. Religionswissenschaftler now summarize the ‘religious expressions’ in three main categories: 1) theoretical forms of religious expression: teachings, beliefs, myths, speaking formulas, 2) practical forms of religious expression: religious services, ceremonies, practices and customs, and 3) sociological forms of religious expression: organizations, relationships and authority. “In the subsequent chapters of the book Scientology: teaching and practising a modern religion” follow a description of Scientology doctrine, their religious practices, their writings and symbols and the organizational structure of the Scientology Church. Finally, the results of the examination of the religious scholar follow Bryan Wilson from England, Frank Flinn, United States, Urbana Alonso Galan, Spain, Fumio Sawada of Japan and others. In the confession of faith of Scientology Church wrote L. Ron Hubbard and others ‘that all people, whatever race, skin color, or what creed they may be, have been created with equal rights’.