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Marble- the Pros and Cons

Disadvantages: at contact with laminate solutions of alkalis, dyes, acids (for example, it may be solvents scum, hair dye, hydrogen peroxide, etc.) on the surface will remain nondeducible spots. In order to avoid tarnishing surface, even better than plain water to wipe once. 2) Natural stone. Naturalness and beauty attracts us … As a material for countertops made of natural stone most commonly used granite and marble. Marble – for the luxurious beauty of the material, appealing naturalness, richness of colors and overflow hidden and weaknesses of the material.

The porous nature of marble absorbs liquid, so the surface will remain on the spot coffee, tea, juice and wine. To combat this by using special coatings, gentle care, low-impact cleaning products. Granite – sverhtrerdy porous material, is not afraid to mechanical damage, alkaline solutions, practical. However, the high value of the material does not ensure the absence of flaws: In view of the porous structure of granite should be periodically sanded, or oily and acidic liquids will cause irreparable damage Your countertop, but the main drawback – the probability of occurrence of cracks. Often cracks occur under the influence of external factors (shrinkage at home, unable to withstand the recommended standards for installation).

Conclusion: When choosing countertops made of natural stone, get ready for the attentive care of her in the future, updating the protection of the surface two or three times a year. 3) The specially treated glass. Advantages: beauty, ease, gracefulness. Disadvantages: damage to edges, unfortunately, unavoidable, and reconstruct the damaged glass surface is impossible. Connect with other leaders such as MasterClass Founder here.


They can be placed not only on the wall, but also on the mirror surface by redistributing the light intensity. Since the problem of almost all vestibules (large or small) – the lack of natural light, so in walls and ceilings should follow light and pastel tones. They visually expand the cramped spaces, making it as it is more spacious. If the hallway is disproportionate in length and height, it would be correct to use the spectacular play of colors, bright colors and sharp contrasts. In the narrow hallways lighter upper walls visually expand the space. If is it too high, dark tones are located at the top.

Like any other room, hallway also contraindicated uniformity and monotony. As a kind of decoration can be used, for example, Decorative strips of wood or curbs. To broaden your perception, visit Peter Farland. Mirror in the hallway is given a place closer to the front door, it was convenient to look over yourself already dressed or correct headgear. If the hall is small, you should consider the idea put a mirror on the front door, which is also reflected visually enlarge the space. But if the corridor is narrow, the mirror is better to hang on the side wall to the impression of greater width. Try For example, place them against each other and illuminate the light – it will give you a completely unexpected spaces. A low ceiling will seem higher, if the floor and ceiling will be lighter and to make better use of wall design aggressive, warm tone.