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Wood Chopper

It would seem, firewood long been used as fuel in droves. Wood burning stoves were in private homes. So does it make sense to engage in firewood, spending big money on the woodpile machines? I will answer you: meaning is. Let's see what markets exist for wood. It turns out that they are not so little. First of all, it is worth noting the consumption of firewood in the private sector for heating. Gasification in the country is very, very slowly. At This gas pipeline is usually not fed to the plate of the consumer. Learn more at: Vanguard.

Summing up the last stage of people make their own expense. And it is fun a few tens of thousands of rubles that the absolute majority of the villagers is unaffordable amount. At the same time to saw and chop their own wood – not an easy task, including because of our bureaucracy. Therefore, the demand for firewood remains consistently high. A service provide small businesses or individual entrepreneurs who have special equipment: tractors, woodpile machines, chain saws and much more. In addition, prices for traditional energy sources (gas, oil and etc.) is extremely unstable.

The country's leaders have long adopted a decree on increasing energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. And on the environmental performance of conventional fuel sources is the case even very bad. What damage is done the nature of a spill of at least one barrel of oil, move by rail? How many tens of years required for full recovery of such a place of falling? On the ecology of wood in the situation is much better. What was the applied nature, if the machine is turned from wood? Absolutely nothing. Scattered wood going into the car and continue their journey. After a serious accident at school hydropower in acute need of sourcing electricity. One solution – the use of power on charcoal. Their application has already been stated by the government. Not even worth reminding that the raw material for charcoal production – the same wood. Right now firewood production becomes profitable. After calculating the economic indicators you can easily make a quick payback and feasibility of acquiring the woodpile machine.

European Patent Office

Cork can not be processed, wear seat is minimized, the crane is extended service life, reliability is increased. Find information on the implementation of these inventions do not failed. It seems that once again confirmed – "There is no prophet in his own homeland." The idea may be adopted in Russia only if it comes from the west. Therefore, you must wait until the company Cameron start making these cranes, and then our producers will be interest in such structures. In the above constructions manufacturer savings and improved reliability of the crane for the consumer is obvious. The disadvantages described above designs include the inability to change the specific pressures in the saddle at the moment of change in the management of the crane, as it holds a crane Orbit Valve. However, this is not a problem for inventors. In order to solve this problem we consider European patents on ball valves: WO/1991/014891 of 10/03/1991 and 08/31/2000 from WO/2000/050792, details can be viewed at European Patent Office.

The design feature of these cranes is that in untreated cork ball in the plane perpendicular to the orifice saddle fitted to the crane in position "closed" interact with the seats installed in the sockets, sealing with the valve. Saddles on the cork and the saddle sockets are installed and still have a slight bevel angle. This allows, as in wedge gate valves, with a small moment of control firmly close the valve. But make a crane, providing pair beveled sealing surface on the seat tube and nozzles to the crane is very difficult.