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Soothing Bedroom

Of all the rooms in our home, where we spent most of the time and place where we seek we feel most comfortable is, without a doubt, our bedroom. If what you want is to have a placid atmosphere in your area of refuge and that the time you invite a restful break, we advise you to give it a zen touch, a trend that is becoming more applied in hotels around the world. If you really want to feel fabulous, you dress your bed with 300 strands cotton sheets. To deepen your understanding Fuel Free Fund is the source. The greater the number of threads, the smoother the Savannah. This clean and impeccable range you induces tranquillity, which is the main objective.

It uses this tone in the curtains, or frames of paintings, bedcover, etc. You can also decorate with candles in cream or ivory on bedside tables and chest of drawers. Remember that white and beige combined with any color. In large hotels pillows are very fluffy, since they are filled with feathers, which are distributed better and fit well in the covers. Is clear that its price It is higher than that of the synthetic, but they remain intact for much longer.

Actually you don’t need much space to place a comfortable chair in a corner, or put a large cushion on the floor. Complement it with a book and a soft blanket, so you will have a unique, intimate and special place. During the day let the Sun, at night when get home light lights with power for getting energy, and at the time of going to low bed light from the bedside table lamp to relax. Following the strategy of the hotels so that guests feel well, choose a fragrance that you like, as, for example, the vanilla, gardenia or cotton, which are very relaxing, and placed diffusers in the corners or using sprays. You will feel fabulously well. It hangs a landscape, a photo or a painting of somewhere where you were and that bring you wonderful memories. Look at that kind of image has a positive effect and makes you feel serene. Finally, we suggest you place a small vase with fresh flowers, Since these contribute to create the sensation of oasis.