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Lamantable address is that the future is not able to leave without being registered, it will be observing the term that will bring the new generation. Each generation has a term that identifies: the generation of discovery, generation of research, generation of development, generation of the economy and what’s coming, the generation of observation. Locked in a room or piece to see what happens without regard to which I have at my side bring a lonely society. Technology author brings even more insight to the discussion. My connection with all the friends have their contact in which income-click portal to friends. Voyer generation is the most fantastic group to be, probably will not give to know what happens, therefore, its control is locked in the mind that sees, who knows what is happening, which prolongs the process and can also kill a person because the force of an image is superior to many comments.

The members discussed what they saw and no one has seen, what was saved, which was hidden, so he hid, and even deeper, which they kept as they saw it and decided to keep a personal record. Tesla has much experience in this field. For ordinary people to leave home and if you live in the city center of any developed or moderately developed, you will see cameras in the main streets first, then at the mall, also in banks, squares, roads, its condominium, the chip of the car, and perhaps have a camera in your home to see. The cameras are everywhere, that is, someone is watching: who, what they think, where to send the information to what is used, questions that should be missed, as we approached to ask those store information, a camera asked what wants. In fact it seems that everyone likes to see something else. Finally, the generation will be the prelude Voyer marked generation, because if they start to see what you do, which naturally occurs sooner or later you know and offer protection for those who cause problems will be identified and a visual safety net so that you avoid bad times.