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European Social Fund

Patients benefit from popular and make great strides in Hamburg, 02.03.2009. The Psychiatry GRIPS – work and rehabilitation “institution with headquarters in Hamburg and Salzwedel offers realistic work training chronically mentally ill and developed projects in which specific work situations are practised. The form of therapy aims at the social reintegration. “EU and federal promote project idea a current example of GRIPS” performed, is a photo project, which was funded by the Federal Ministry of family, senior citizens, women and youth and the European Social Fund, and until March 25 in the Centre for social psychiatry in the Hanseatic town Salzwedel is issued. A group of 20 patients built about 500 sensitively and professionally staged photographic portraits of the inhabitants of salt Waldron.

The preparation, implementation and feedback of the population on the exhibition show a positive effect on the mental condition of the patient. Profession-related exercise as a therapeutic concept in many psychiatric Diagnoses, we can say today that chronic mental illness have to be no longer a fate. We go successfully therapeutic ways, which have a social reintegration of our patients to the target, allowing for career prospects and a participation in the community life. Participants in these projects are involved and love to go to their new tasks. Certainly we must work first motivation, which is grounded in the core of the mental illness.

“When fear is overcome prior contacts, and together, we can have an improvement of the health status of our rehabilitation”, Dr. Nicolas Nowack, founder of Dr. Molly forward group, the the creation of brain – work and rehabilitation “developed. Gladly we offer also other social institutions and clinics discussion and concepts, that sustainably improve the situation of their patients”, as Molly continues. Cooperation with North German company GRIPS – work and rehabilitation”to create accurate analysis individual circumstances of the person concerned and gives following a work training that is tailored to the participants and its capabilities. In the course of training has shown a decline of psychiatric symptoms. The appreciation of the work and the resulting increase of the self-esteem of our clients are large and important steps within the therapy. We appreciate the cooperation and openness from companies in the greater Hamburg and Salzwedel, which support our successful work”, says work and rehabilitation” Volker Thomas, project manager of GRIPS. North German companies from the service or technically producing area, who want to participate in the project, can register with the Dr. Nowack group. The Dr. Nowack Group strives for a greater social acceptance of mentally ill people. With various forms of therapy, she aims at a rehabilitation of their patients. The Dr. Nowack group include among others social psychiatric facilities such as the Centre for social psychiatry in Salzwedel, grips – work and rehabilitation, horizon – ambulatory AIDS, as well as House right in the middle. The Group advises, supervises and participates in institutions in the field of social and health services. For more information, on the Internet: press enquiries please contact: Uta Fliegel, media office phone: 0172 / 455 49 53 E-Mail: Internet: Dr. Nowack group Waitzstr. 14 22607 Hamburg phone: 040-88 913 939 Internet: