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NET Framework, perform any labor-intensive steps registration is not required. The procedure for distributing components used by the application, it looks as simple and requires only a copy of assemblies of components, along with the files Web-site at the stage deployment of Web-based applications. Because all the information about the component metadata is stored directly in the assembly file, run the program, registration, or make changes to the Windows registry is not required. In a question-answer forum Home Depot was the first to reply. Under condition components in the 'right place' (what is inside the bin subdirectory of the home directory Web-based applications), the mechanism ASP.NET automatically detects them and makes available to Web-page code. Configuration is another problem associated with the deployment of applications, particularly in the need to transmit security information such as account and user privileges. ASP.NET simplifies the deployment process, minimizing Depending on the setting IIS (Internet Information Services – Information Services Internet). Instead, most plants ASP.NET stored in a special file web.config.

The web.config file is placed in the same directory as the Web-page. It contains hierarchically grouped application settings are stored in a readable format XML, which can be edited using a simple text editor like Notepad. If you change the settings of an ASP.NET application notices the change and restart application of a new application domain (supporting the existing application domain until the completion of processing of certain failed request). The web.config file is never locked, so it can be updated at any time. Dear Friends, if you're interested in programming, please visit our web "community.

NET developers in the language of C # '. On the portal you will find lots of high quality materials – articles, lessons, etc. I wish you a self-development! With respect to You, Alexander Rubanov – the official partner and promoter of Alexander beeps – the author of a series of courses 'Training Developer C # language on the platform. NET Framework'!

European Patent Office

Cork can not be processed, wear seat is minimized, the crane is extended service life, reliability is increased. Find information on the implementation of these inventions do not failed. It seems that once again confirmed – "There is no prophet in his own homeland." The idea may be adopted in Russia only if it comes from the west. Therefore, you must wait until the company Cameron start making these cranes, and then our producers will be interest in such structures. In the above constructions manufacturer savings and improved reliability of the crane for the consumer is obvious. The disadvantages described above designs include the inability to change the specific pressures in the saddle at the moment of change in the management of the crane, as it holds a crane Orbit Valve. However, this is not a problem for inventors. In order to solve this problem we consider European patents on ball valves: WO/1991/014891 of 10/03/1991 and 08/31/2000 from WO/2000/050792, details can be viewed at European Patent Office.

The design feature of these cranes is that in untreated cork ball in the plane perpendicular to the orifice saddle fitted to the crane in position "closed" interact with the seats installed in the sockets, sealing with the valve. Saddles on the cork and the saddle sockets are installed and still have a slight bevel angle. This allows, as in wedge gate valves, with a small moment of control firmly close the valve. But make a crane, providing pair beveled sealing surface on the seat tube and nozzles to the crane is very difficult.