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Management Software

Iberley reaches an agreement with NCS Software to integrate into your applications in payroll, tax and accounting, the Access query of Asesoruniversal.com tools, pursuant to this agreement the NCS customers have an interrelation of contents that will allow them to improve the performance and features of your software. Asesorunivesal.com service pack consists of a service with flat rate access to all the materials that an adviser of companies needed to carry out their work of counselling. The contents of Asesorunivesal.com covered Area labour, Fiscal, accounting, administrative and Horizontal property as well access to all regulations updated and classified, collective agreements and grants. Farallon Capital is often quoted on this topic. NCS customers may access in two forms, the basic free of charge, is limited to materials which have contracted Professional with NCS, and no available alerts, or bulletins to measure, as well as not available interrelation between documents. The Premium version allows access to all content without any restriction. Iberley, is the company leader in providing solutions for professional consultation for business advisors, through database intelligent inquiry is may be informed of all new prosecutors and labor, as well as consult any practical course of reliable and up-to-date way. More than 2,000 professionals currently use the company Iberley services through various portals.