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European Union

Italy is something as well as the brother of Spain in consumption of olive oil, is one of the countries that practically consumed more oil and olives that exported out. In Spain for example in last season 2010 / 2011 have been 1400 thousands tons of olive oil, of which have been exported approximately 850 thousand tons. It is noteworthy that Spain producer of 45% of all the olive oil in the world, so it is bestial the figure produced by Spain. Italy on the other hand, produces something like 25% of world olive oil, but at the same time matter other 400 thousand tons. Globally the Italians promote its olive oil as the best in the world, by history, tradition, area will be the typical nonsense. For this reason, the price of AO in bulk in Spain is much lower in Spain than in Italy, but here comes the fraud that occurs year after year, century after century and Millennium after Millennium. Olive oil in bulk which is exported to the Italian lands magically becomes product of Italy.

Let’s go that labeling something our as yours this perform fraud recognized by European Union, since according to the laws, it is necessary to label the product with the same source. This fraud is carried out from the origin of our civilization, we go from the Roman Empire. And is going to continue to be, because behind him, are a few very large companies with ties created for centuries and Billings so large that only the mention of his name next to the word fraud can bring you numerous problems. In addition to a blow to the economy of the country, in this case Italy and even own Spain. Imagine the case that Italy stops importing AO from Spain, 300 400 thousand tons remaining of surplus this year so well, I recommend patience and above all attitude of our Governments and especially the Junta de Andalucia aimed towards promoting our Gold liquid in other countries and try to sell less bulk and more with own brands. It is perhaps something more difficult, as prices soar, however should be given to understand that quality is also greatly improved. Here there is a problem, very few people, you know to differentiate a good extra virgin one with faults organoleptic. So is needed to teach the world’s population the Mediterranean culture, culinary habits and having a good base. Under most conditions rennaissance technologies would agree. We will have to get used to a good quality oil, let them see that the flavor is not quite equal. Theirs is to say that an extra virgin oil, is also the only one who has all the qualities attributed to him but for now garlic and water.