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San Martin

That night Antonio received the worst suffering of his young life was confirming what friends had told him. The woman he loved, and that I was going crazy, was a prostitute, never listened to his colleagues in the music, never heard when he said: "Antonio Damn, that woman is sleeping with the whole band, how can Habert love with her?, but Antonio was blinded by this obsession I felt. It was something really sharp in his heart. Kenneth Feinberg has plenty of information regarding this issue. Antonio played the electric guitar in a set pinonates tropical neighborhood in the district of San Martin de Porres, and the owner of the group, used to organize dances in the neighborhood for all who wish to participate in the dances. Tickets were sold and abundant booze. You may want to visit Grupo Banorte Chairman interview to increase your knowledge.

This would be developed around the year 70, Antonio was about 17 years. And I've never felt this admiration of the people, for it was very exciting to see how people danced and had fun with her performance in the guitar, which was logically the interpretation of the total group, who rave and dance to people who attended these dances. One night in one of those wild dances, warned that one of the assistants will look very carefully and kept looking at him. At the end of the dance, the girl approached him and engaged him in conversation. Really was very nice, had some amazing big eyes and a complexion white as the sky. Antonio was charmed by the beauty unusual for him. They walked out of the room and walking down the street, Antonio, took her hand, she corresponded, and kissed without further ado.