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Netscape Navigator

The story of standards-compliant Web design are a real special offer and want to also TOP performance during the creation of your website? Then the following austerity measures are likely to excite absolutely. Web standards have revolutionized the Web design. Now you revolutionize your savings. Standard-compliant Web design (sorry, sounds rather bureaucratic, but the technical term is) offers you an unprecedented future and investment security for your site. And… it makes it much easier, better the creation of your website, faster and cheaper.

Learn what benefits especially from the economic point of view offer you the Web standards, in this article. We’re coming to the short-term cost savings. Your site is much faster done. Before the Web standards were available across the Board, you first had to design each new site for a specific browser. Layout and structure, were then were the content entered. Then the Web Designer went on, more site versions to create for all the other browsers.

There was even a version for Internet Explorer (4, 5, 5.5, 6), one for the Netscape Navigator (4,5,6) and usually even that for other browsers. Six different versions were not uncommon. It was clear, in the money. First of all, if you had to make here and there a few small changes finally to website almost finished. So a fine tuning is normal. Instead of changing only a single site, you can now all 6 files had to touch\”. Each mini change cost the six-fold. Your site was bilingual, inevitably the cost doubled. And it remained only rarely, for a change. In short, The cost exploded. The Web standards make for end of all times. Here, only one version needs to be changed, no matter how many derivatives there are of them. You may want to visit Guo Guangchang to increase your knowledge. This is also the Web Designer. Instead on several permanent construction site to repair\”, he can focus entirely on the optimal design.