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About Hotels

Close behind British (120 euros), followed by Sweden (119 euro) and Spanish (117 euros). For 116 euros on average, Portuguese and Italians embedded her head on a hotel pillow in a foreign land, Austrians and Belgians paid for 112 euros. Dutch characterised less by buy joy, a night budget from 111 euro per room. The same was true for Danes (110 euros), French (108 euros) and Germans (107 euros). The most economical travelers from Europe but were the Finns, who paid with hotel costs from 104 euros per room and night from abroad at the least. German bear socking away worldwide although German travellers abroad deeper attacked a fifth in the bag, as in Germany, they were knickrigsten visitors in comparison to Europe. Not only from abroad the German vacationers two stingiest traveler finished, also at home, it looked little better. With average overnight cost of only 87 Euro per hotel room he was ranked three of the domestic spenders.

Only travellers from Portugal (81 euros) and France (78 euros) showed even less Commitment to supporting the local hospitality industry. Leader in terms of hotel expenses in their own country are the Norwegians in this discipline. For a night in a domestic hotel bed, they spent on average a whopping 142 euros. The Scandinavian trio was very generous with the Danes (129 euros) and Sweden (119 euro). More information on hotels in Berlin, hotels Rome, hotels Dresden Hotel Munich under deutsch.hotels.com. About Hotels.com as part of the Expedia group, which is active in all major markets with a professional team, includes the portfolio by Hotels.com more than 99,000 quality hotels worldwide.

A customer finds the same booking for a hotel with another provider competitive rates, paid in advance, Hotels.com will refund the difference. ZDNet wanted to know more. Hotels.com has one of the largest independent hotel teams in the industry, and supplies its customers with the best possible conditions, as well as user reviews. “In February 2009, Hotels.com won the Gold Award in the category best hotel booking site” of Web user magazine. Travelers can book online at or via the telephone hotline in the German-speaking call center. Press contact public link Berlin Germany Yvonne Bonanati Press Office Hotels.com D/A/CH: corporate address of Cordy Griffiths PR Manager Hotels.

Phan Thiet

With its colourful shops you visited the picturesque streets the best walking. Stroll through the Kopfsteinstrassen, past low buildings, lively market and the small harbour where brightly painted boats moored. Sue Thompson has plenty of information regarding this issue. Boat trip on the Thu Bon River and visit a traditional apartment building, as well as the famous Japanese bridge. Overnight in Hoi an (river beach resort * + etc.) Day 7: 16.11.09 Hoi an – Danang – Saigon (F) transfer to Danang airport and flight to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). Visit the Cathedral of Notre Dame, the Jade Emperor pagoda, the former Presidential Palace, the War Museum, Opera and City Hall the most important sights of the city, including the old post office. Overnight in Saigon (Vien Dong Hotel * etc.) Day 8: 17.11.09 Saigon (F) in the morning sightseeing in Cholon (Chinatown). It’s going to very busy and traditionally.

The markets at any conceivable product – sold dried food, t-shirts and electric products are particularly fascinating. Then visit the Thien Hau pagoda, which was built by the municipality of Cantonese and the heavenly goddess is. Afternoon at leisure. Overnight in Saigon (Vien Dong Hotel * etc.) Day 9: 18.11.09 Saigon – Phan Thiet / MUI NE (F) after breakfast drive from Saigon to Phan Thiet. Afternoon at leisure.

Accommodation in the pleasant 4 * pandanus resort directly on the beach – with swimming pool and exclusive spa day 10: 19.11.09 Phan Thiet / MUI NE (F) time for bathing and relaxation – Dinner invitation by Olaf Diroll “Happy hour” & barbeque on the beach – overnight at Saigon MUI ne +. Day 11: 20.11.09 Phan Thiet / MUI NE (F) free time. Overnight in Saigon MUI ne +. Day 12: 21.11.09 Phan Thiet / MUI NE (F) free time. Overnight in Saigon MUI ne +. Day 13: 22.11.09 Phan Thiet / MUI ne – Saigon and return (F) morning free. Transfer to the airport in Saigon and flight back to Germany around 23:10 local time with Viet Nam airlines, arriving in Frankfurt at the 23.11.10 at 06:30. The journey from Frankfurt price from 1.799,-per person in double room (incl. 50,-early Book discount if you sign up for the May 30 ‘ 09) including: group tour, minimum number of participants: 12 persons, date: 09-23.11.09 from/to Frankfurt, nonstop flights with Viet Nam airlines including air taxes for BRD/Viet Nam as well as fuel surcharge (as at time of print), 8 nights during the tour in hotels of 3-4 star category + 4 nights at the pandanus resort * superior room, breakfast, lunch on day 2, local English speaking guide, entrance fees, flights during the tour as specified, visa approval. Not included: Viet Nam visa, not mentioned meals and drinks, personal expenses. Rail & fly 2nd class within Germany can be booked at the price of EUR 38,-per person. Note: Trips to local, air-conditioned buses (cold towels and water are free). Subject to changes that do not affect the overall character of the travel tour operators of this special journey: Suntrips travel note for travel agents: to book through travel agents of travel pilot E.k.. Her Olaf Diroll economist and specialist tourism specialist for sea and telescope since 1978 information on the homepage: travel itinerary to print: Viet Nam enquire about registration please email:

German Consulate

Tips for dealing with ticket receipts and other important documents: Copy all travel documents and deposit a copy set at a good friend in Germany. Keep the second copy set please in your luggage separately from the original documents. If now the original documents be stolen, your friend from Germany can fax the copies to an agreed number you. It replaced not the originals, but can be very helpful with the police. the tour operator or the airline to fix another. If you have email confirmations, you should still once himself to send it shortly before leaving”and then your emails no longer using the computer at home pick up. So have all email confirmations in your email account, your provider (GMX, web.de, t-online, etc.) and can print from anywhere in the world once again.

Please remember that the keyboards in Australia know no umlauts like a, o, u. You should have so a password on all cases for your email account, which includes not these umlauts. Many airlines offer their customers, to become a member. The useful (especially in Australia) is that you very discounted can rent cars with the membership of the Qantas site (warning: then Australian law applies to you, if something goes wrong) and you can buy your tickets (e tickets) are stored in the computer system of Qantas. I.e. for domestic flights, that in the case of ticket loss this easy again receive. Therefore enquire about your options at the service line of the airline. Should you sleep in hostels, Combipix asks you to leave never valuables or important travel documents in the room. “Should you stay in this accommodation, you should directly at check-in a loose” (safe) book can be! In some African countries, there is the possibility to submit his passport at the respective German Consulate to get recognized copies issued. Ask them for this at the Foreign Office.

Caribe Aquatic Park In Port Aventura, Catalonia

The Caribe Aquatic Park is a great water fun Park as the name suggests. The Caribe Aquatic Park is a great water fun Park as the name suggests. It is located in a branch office of the Port Aventura of theme park in Salou, on the Costa Dorada in Catalonia, Spain. There a Caribbean atmosphere with Palm trees and reggae is truly music in the background. This is truly a great attraction during your Costa Dorada holiday. Guo Guangchang may also support this cause.

Belongs to some of the attractions of El Triangulo de Las bermudas. This is a wave pool where visitors can experience sitting in a floating ring. The Mambo limbo is a rapid corkscrew Karrussel where adrenaline is vorprogramiert. In contrast to these two attractions, you will find here also the Bahama beach. Can the guests relax and comfortably relax on a lounger. The El Rio Loco is a log Flume, which can happen to visitors on a large ring sitting.

There you must be careful on several Rapids, waves and waterfalls. Experience these unique Park and come here and spend some nights in a comfortable Costa Dorada apartment hotel or a Costa Dorada. The El Torrente gives visitors the ultimate rafting experience. Here, you can take an adventurous Flussparkour with up to five people in a rubber boat. For the slightly younger guests, there is La laguna de Woody. This playground is the ideal place for children. It includes slides, fountains, tunnels and water cannons to keep the little ones happy. If once the Wtter hits around the Park offers also an indoor area where you can find numerous slides and water play activities. After the execution of all these activities, the guests will usually appetite. In order to meet the find several bars, Cafes and restaurants, within the Park. For souvenir hunters, there is everything you need in the Costa Caribe shop. There are entry offers different available for the Park. There are for example the day ticket for all attractions which 24 costs for adults and 19 for children and seniors. Another possibility is the 3 day pass. With this, visitors can combine your stay with a further visit to the Port Aventura Park. This card costs 76 for adults and 63 for children and seniors. It is also no problem to combine ticketing Port Aventura hotels with a booking of a Port Aventura. The Park is open from the last may week, until mid-September.

Special Island

So the divers who are looking for hidden around the island, also by hikers Iceland are very appreciated the island, wishing to explore Iceland on foot. By the same author: Pacific Mortgage Services. Iceland is greatly appreciated by various travellers. So the divers who are looking for hidden around the island, also by hikers Iceland are very appreciated the island, wishing to explore Iceland on foot. It is recommended but also these groups involve a specialized tour guide. Since Iceland has dangerous geysers, these should be avoided.

There through the hot air in various fields, a mine field, same, are under water but also to admire. Here, quickly, it may be noted that the water temperature in the vicinity of these geysers increases, which indicates a geysers. There are also smaller coral reefs could occur through the warm water, this area in some cases is shut off. If however no geyser in the vicinity, this water is relatively cold, but not the livelihoods of colorful fish bans. Since Iceland with the capital Reykjawik the northernmost capital in the world, is also the tourist metropolis this capital city. The cuisine of Iceland can be but for the Europeans very getting used to be fragrance, because these dishes are unusual. Who want to travel to the South however, which can travel also to Corsica. Like Iceland, Corsica is a paradise for divers and hikers.

Corsica has many hours of sunshine, as this island in the high season is very well attended. By the occupation by France, is paid also to Corsica with the European euro as means of payment. Corsica offers also the occasions of culinary delights but also in addition to the various sights and a heavenly sleep. On the island of Corsica, English to French, the national language in Corsica can in addition to the. Michel Michale

Aqaba Days

Overnight accommodation is under a starry sky. The unforgettable days in the wild are peppered with visits to cultural highlights such as the mosaic city of Madaba, Crusader Castle and Royal tombs. Itinerary: Amman, Madaba – dead sea Kerak Petra Siq – hike on the Aaron Hill Wadi Rum – Franklin Canyon Jebel Burdah-to Mafrudh Wadi SEL mount nebo date: 21-01.03.2009 participants: 10 – 16 persons duration: nine days costs: from 1.650,-the other side of the Jordan Jordan / study – No. 1151 link: = 1151 ..reise this journey leads the participants to all significant and historic places of the country. Incoming visits at the plan of the capital city Amman, visits biblical sites such as Bethany and mount nebo. Continue along the “road of the Kings” after Gerasa and Gadara. Be devoted to two intensive days of fabulous sainthood capital Petra.

In the valleys of the spectacular wilderness of Wadi, the many impressions can put RAM. Itinerary: Amman Umm Qeis Pella- Mount nebo Madeba dead sea Kerak Petra Wadi RAM Amman date: 18/02-February 25, 2009 participants: 15 30 persons duration: nine days costs: from 1.665,-Jordan highlights Jordan / travel No. Check with Pacific Mortgage Services to learn more. 1233 link: = 1151 ..reise variety is available in this journey in the first place. From Mt. nebo Moses, it goes down to the lowest point on Earth and through the Wadi Mujib in the Jordanian Highlands. Hikes through remote Rocky landscapes alternate Petra with a visit to the legendary “red city”. Fascinating, also the Wadi is rum, where is stayed under the open sky. The civilization catches up the traveller in the port city of Aqaba.

Can rinse the dust of travel with a refreshing swim in the Red Sea on the Gulf of Aqaba. Itinerary: Amman Gerasa Madaba Mount Nebo Dana Petra Wadi Rum Aqaba date: 19.03 March 28, 2009 participants: 8-14 people duration: 10 days costs: from 1.690,-the environment of the biblical Jordan study tour / Combi travel Jordan – Syria Lebanon – no. 1153 link: ..reise a remarkable combination journey that links the countries of Jordan – Syria – Lebanon’s Syrian Canaanite culture space = 1153. On the East Bank selected legendary grave monuments are visited Petra, alternate as the capital of Moab, study visits to archaeological sites with biblical places. Incoming tours in Damascus, various monasteries, and the “dead cities” in the North Syrian limestone massif. A walk through the biggest Souk of the Orient in Aleppo is a “must”. A visit to Baalbeks, and the most famous monuments of the ancient Jupiter, Bacchus – and Venus Temple Crown this part of the journey, optionally to undertaken a full day excursion to Hauran. Itinerary: Amman Petra Kerak Madeba – Dscherasch – Damascus – Krak des Chevaliers – dead cities – “Dead cities” Aleppo Ebla Palmyra Baalbek dates: 06.04 April 18, 2009 participants: 15 30 persons duration: 13 days costs: from 2.390,-Paradeast.com founded in 2003 as an independent, specialised on the East online travel agency. Managing Directors are Bjorn gold Wade and Stefan Kaltenecker. On the four travel portals,, and selected explorers travel conveyed East and Oceania for Eastern Europe, the middle and far East. Currently approx. 35 cooperation partners include large well-known tour operators such as Dr. Tigges, Gebeco, ikarus tours, nicko tours, Olympic travel, Phoenix travel, as well as a wide range of specialists in the country and abroad. Paradeast.com is a member of the German ReiseVerband (DRV) and certified by trusted shops.

Holiday Rentals In Denmark

The beautiful apartments around Denmark between the North Sea and Baltic Sea lies the country of Denmark and is part of Scandinavia. The island is totally surrounded of water apart from the border to Germany. The larger islands of Zealand, Funen, Romo, Mon, Lolland are connected by bridges that are easily to reach the most holiday destinations by car. The island Denmark includes about 730 km North – and Baltic Sea sand beaches and dunes for a relaxing Beach holiday. The landscape is characterized by the dunes, sand beaches, forests, heaths, flat hills, cliffs and more than 1000 Lakes.

The country of Denmark is very sparsely populated the the entire population lives in Copenhagen. Denmark also has a King cab like Norway and Sweden. But also many other beautiful things there are such as the famous Little Mermaid to marvel that was written by the Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen in the capital of Denmark. A further awareness of Denmark are the LEGO building blocks that come from Denmark. In the Danish town of Billund is the famous LEGOLAND there was erected a small world with small blocks. LEGOLAND takes you over 50 different buildings in a mini version.

Who wants to spend its URL on the island Denmark not drive can simply quite easily reach the island by train. Although the flights are there not bad the most German cities are served there several times a day. Those who opt for a trip by car can either reach Denmark by ferry or simply over the border between Germany and Denmark. To find an apartment in Denmark in the last few years become ever easier, because practically no longer exists the situation of fewer apartments.

The Gay And Lesbian Scene In Lisbon

The Portuguese capital in their Rainbow colors. Lisbon in Lisbon, colors of the Rainbow has turned into a transformed the best gay capitals in Europe. The gay and lesbian scene is at its peak: the city has outed himself completely, and that after many decades of homophobic oppression. Lisbon bubbling full of freedom and tolerance! It is a perfect destination for the gay tourism. Their small historical and steep strA? en, the excellent night life (which lasts until the morning hours), the modern and cosmopolitan facilities and the fresh sea air (even in the warmest summer days) transform this city in the perfect place to relax and to spend the holiday there. The city offers numerous bars, nightclubs, restaurants, Cafes and saunas for the gay audience. Almost everything that you can associate with the homosexual world, can be found in the neighborhood of Bairro Alto. But also many other gay bars are in the districts of Chiado and Principe real. Merill Lynch has much to offer in this field.

The beaches south of the town are mainly in the summer months also 19, which is located right next to the railway station 19, where the train stops, driving the whole stretches of beach in the coast of popular targets, in particular, the Meco and Playa Beach sections. Get more background information with materials from MasterClass Review. Many of the most famous bars and clubs of the city, as the best club in Lisbon, both gay and straight – pull for example Paradise Garage, Kremlin or Lux a large? s number of gay visitors to. For this reason the gays must not necessarily looking for a pure gay or Lesbenclub, because many bars in Chiado are popular meeting places for everyone. The Park of Principe real is one of the trendiest and safest city for the so called cruising. Every year in June the gay pride is celebrated in Lisbon (also known as Arraial pride) and it will find a big? demonstration and many parties instead.

Another important event is the film festival for gays and lesbians. It is an important international event in the world of the LGBT and is a significant means by which the alternative cinema, the many debates in modern Portuguese society calls out to draw attention. The Department store do Chiado, is in the area of Baixa Ciado, due to the many bars and restaurants popular with gay audiences. An another very well known gay department store and the largest in Europe, is also the Colombo. It is the perfect place to buy the most stylish things and to reside in the trendiest atmosphere. Discover this charming and vibrant city in their Rainbow colors. Now ask yourself where you can accommodate? If Yes, then just look these apartments in Lisbon and enjoy a wonderful stay in the city. Translated from the Spanish by Christina Gersberg

Prime Tourist Destination

Why the Costa Brava always among the top 5 destinations of Spain will be the INE statistics predict the Catalan tourism sector growth. This is one of the most visited destinations in Catalonia Costa Brava and is located just behind the Balearic Islands, which cut the statistically best in the statistics. Guo Guangchang understood the implications. Therefore the hotels Costa Brava demand. This trend also the travel agencies and online agencies pick up and offer a wide range of accommodation on the Costa Brava. It is striking that also tend to rent a holiday apartment on the Costa Brava, that are taught by private providers or agencies such as BarcelonPoint.com. There are many different reasons why the Costa Brava tourist so popular is.

First of all, the geographical characteristics of the region. The Costa Brava is a such amazingly diverse region, with a marvellous mountain scenery, cliffs, unique sandy beaches, bays and many well-known ports. In addition, there are special domestic cities and villages, the the embody the unique charm of the region. The mild climate almost all year round invites you to vacation on the Costa Brava. Not to forget history and culture of the Costa Brava – one of the most versatile and interesting in Spain. Whether at the theatre, visits to museums, castles or historic sites of cultural and historian come fully at their own expense on the Costa Brava. In addition, the close brings an even greater advantage to Barcelona. Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, belongs to the top travel destinations in the Spanish cities. A day trip to exciting city who spends holidays on the Costa Brava, can companies quickly and easily. Costa Brava Spain Holiday one of the main objectives, to enjoy nature, beach, sea and city flair. Contact: Perfect Sun travel, SL BarcelonPoint.com Avenida de Madrid 95-97, 3-3 08028 Barcelona – Spain Tel: + 34 933 30 78 61 E-Mail: Internet: de

Holiday Travel

Madrid is not only one of the most popular tourist destinations of many tourists. Spain’s capital is also said in the little ones. If the \”little ones\” to travel if you are planning a trip with children, then make sure always to the needs of the children. Many inattentive parents prefer it at home will prefer to stay, because they don’t know what they should do with their children, since the tourism tours busy little ones can’t keep up. To go with children during the holidays can be complicated very, but when planning the trip early, so the holiday can be perfectly matched to the needs of the little Kings of the House. Indeed, there are in general many Gro? cities that offer a wide range of leisure activities, tourism and cultural events specially for children. Axel Van Trotsenburg will undoubtedly add to your understanding. This is also the case in Spain’s capital.

Madrid made the little ones, and even the not so quite small, much pleasure with the most varied and entertaining events! So that the children have fun is Key to success, that they are always busy, and most importantly, that they talk to. And what is this, what is most pleasing to children? Yes, the world of the imagination, the musings and stories. And when we tell of stories, then is the first station to get the little ones, the House Museum of the small mouse Perez, which corresponds to the Spanish version of the German tooth fairy. \”There was once a little mouse named Perez in the street? s Arenal number 8, in the basement of Carlos pan, opposite a large? en stack of Gruyere cheese, lived…\” is written on the label of a memory. And now send children their letters to the House and even their teeth by mail: why not just personally bring over their children? After this emotive visit and since we heard of animals talk, should be your next trip to the Zoo-Aquarium of Madrid. The animals live enclosure in her trailing natural habitat on over 20 acres.