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THAT structure so that to the 16 years the students must consider towards where orienting their life. the obligatory studies have finished, but and now what? A part of them, either exhausted of the life of student, or by economic subjects or simply because they want therefore it, tries to introduce itself to the labor world, that will offer money to be able to stay to them (although it would put at the moment it in doubt). Evidently I could not be had everything, and if it is decided not to continue studying, it is necessary to assume the consequences. Works in the majority of technical cases, with a low pay and, obvious, one supply labor reduced to the personal capacities that to leave the studies imply. Some others decide to begin formative cycles of average degree. The cycles will offer knowledge for the next use. The students, more enabled preparations and than before will be able to choose to more supplies of work than before.

The cycles of average degree allow the students to attend formative cycles of degree superior, to which also it is acceded through baccalaureate. The cycles formative they also belong to the studies of professional formation FP. By means of of the formative cycles of degree superior the students will have a great formation to obtain better employments, and in addition they will have the possibility of acceding to the university. She is one of the options with more professional exits, considering the possibilities and opportunities that offer. In order to finish, studies selected by the great majority: the baccalaureate. Following with the studies of THAT, the baccalaureate gives general knowledge of the several matters, with which the young person will grow as person and will acquire general culture. From now on, it is called on to be decided if to enter itself to the labor world, or to begin formative cycles of degree superior, or to be examined of the selectivity and to begin in the university for a greater specialization. Whatever option by which one to praised/poured off, this is a very important decision, that the students would agree that they took with calm and great premeditation and, if possible, is helped from a tutor who advises to him.

Pablo Gomez

To avoid opportunists, the movement is considering restricting the Commission’s power and limited deliveries of food to the camps and the members of the commissions and working groups. Drugs. Narcotic drugs have also reached #acampadasol, where there have been cases of selling heroin, porros and anxiolytics, according to sources at the Commission on respect. We have come to have a woman with an overdose, they report from this Committee. Infrastructures. The campers recognize the risk of electrical wiring you are using and the need to find an alternative to the supply.

We switched off generators when it rains, but we must find solutions, emphasizes Pablo Gomez. Also linked to electricity is refrigeration of donated food. We cannot keep perishable food with this heat, say the organizers, that they are still asking for foods that do not require cold. Tiredness. After two weeks, sleeping at the satin fatigue begins to make a dent.

For this reason, Some have proposed rotations to allow that energies could be constantly renewed. There is physical fatigue, but that is no reason to abandon the camp, says Maria, he combines Camping with practices in an enterprise. Centralization. The campers are aware of that Sun has become a symbol of the protest but indicate the need for that time movement is de-centralized and extends to the rest of seats.The center of the fight are the assemblies, not Sun, insist the campers. Possible eviction. Police authorities have undertaken to maintain contact with us until Tuesday, then we do not know what can happen, explains Pablo Gomez, of the Commission’s communication. The fear of a possible police intervention has grown in recent days, after that the Councillor of Presidency, Francisco Granados, requested the eviction of the camps because the situation has degenerated and the rule of law has broken down. Simply to collect the camp would take a few days, underlines a young woman camping in the square, which believed that it would be necessary to make an inventory and a great compilation of all records that are not lost in the event of eviction. Complaints from businesses in Sun. Fear of police intervention is also enhanced with protests by traders from the Puerta del Sol area ask the delegation of the Government to move tab to end with a camping trip which, according to emphasize, has meant the fall of 70% of the turnover. Mass assemblies. Meetings of the campers are increasingly more followers. What in principle should be a positive point, symbol of a growing support for the movement, however, has made that decision-making becomes a sort of mission impossible. It is very difficult to arrive at a consensus in meetings involving 3,000 people, but I know that there are many people struggling to achieve a minimum consensus, said Juana, who just abandon the camp for personal reasons.My view is that the ultimate goal is fading away, adds. This lack of consensus makes also increasingly more difficult to agree on concrete proposals. So it could be verified this Sunday when the Assembly decided to continue with the camping, but without setting the date nor the way in which this should be dismantled. Source of the news: lack of consensus, insecurity, tiredness other side of camping in the Puerta del Sol

Shopping Online

Many sellers love to collect the information. It may seem simple to ask people where she came, what brought her the site, why thy made a purchase, or where they live only she will cost sales. Show buyers your safety with statements as only purchase online through secure pages which are indicated by a small, yellow the order, the padlock image located near the bottom of the browsers window to buy over the Internet. The fixing of an image of the lock used by IE and Firefox will increase sales showing that your site uses the padlock. Tell customers that any purchase information is not used for lists of people who send propaganda by this business, or the business of the partner. Include a denial that this business never sell, share, or negotiate with the third-party contact information.

One of the first things that make it buyers are looking for a commercial address. If the address is not located in the US, and can’t find a number of national phone book business, then it will not make a purchase. It is sad that many phishing sites are operated from Russia or Asia where there are no regulations and no way of legally facing these companies. Until there is an international legal blanket, the only way to increase sales on a Web site is to reassure buyers that you are referring to your safety.

Wal Mart

As a retailer. It is a great opportunity, only if you can afford the cost of franchises, weeks of 7 days of work, advertising, inventory and problems of employees. As a Distributor. The decades biggest personal fortunes were made by persons who they found better methods to distribute things. For example, the owners of companies such as Wal Mart, FedEx,, are all distributors. What differentiates an entrepreneur with other workers is that it does not receive a fixed salary so it makes but you risk your time, its financial resources and its effort with the hope of getting better earnings that working for a salary. The price of the job security is to obtain limited income. No limits for the entrepreneur.

There is no doubt that to be an entrepreneur will need certain personal characteristics: they are generally people who prefer to send to be sent, which rely on his own abilities, willing to take risks, people out of the ordinary and think long term. The entrepreneur is a leader whatever their attitude or way of being, the employer must become a leader. There are so many ways to go as businessmen but the fact to others to follow what is the essence of the work of an entrepreneur. In other words it is normal that a successful entrepreneur has or acquires the capacity of enthusiastic and transmit to others the enthusiasm. This explains why intelligent but indecisive people never come to be good businessmen, the ability to conduct goes beyond mere intelligence or technical skill, also is a question of character. The ability to target must develop and refine every day and must be according to point of view and the personality of the employer. In general there are two major styles of address: those who put emphasis on outcomes (objectives and their fulfilment) and those who put emphasis on persons (gratification, motivation, good human relations). Franklin Leyton Burgos Franklin Leyton Burgos author of the newsletter business advantages of Ser Empresario. original author and source of the article

Importance Of Speaking A Second Language

Although our language is the second most spoken language in the world according to the number of native inhabitants, English is the universal language to communicate with people from all parts of the world. The Anglo-Saxon market is extremely vast and the advantage is that it is a fairly developed market-level electronic culture and as a result, they are more accustomed to purchasing products and services on the internet. And it is that in a global economy which is currently lives and with nearly 15 per cent of Hispanics who are part of the U.S. population, according to the latest census data, as well as other ethnic minorities, speaking more than one language is definitely a labor advantage, increasingly more companies open your business opportunity to other countries, what they need in their ranks to professionals who can understand with their potential customers abroad with efficiency and fluidity. Why, among the requirements that enterprises require for an endless posts is the knowledge of a second language, that most of the times is English.

In fact, a recent study says that people who know this language have 44% more chances of finding a job. The need for mastering a second language increases in relation to the respondent profile, since it is a prerequisite by the companies for 58% of the deals aimed at recent graduates. This figure increases to 65% if it’s jobs for intermediate executives and 100% for senior management positions. By sectors, those who require a knowledge of other languages with greater firmness in their selection processes are the job offers related to technical careers, profiles of the area of finance and banking, as well as executive officers of the legal profession and various sales and marketing positions. It is important to speak another language, as understanding another culture, especially if it is customer service-oriented professions and branches abroad.

Alex Hurtado

Video presentation. It is always better that company has its own video for the presentation of the business which explains in detail about the history of the company, achievements, plan of compensation, etc. 6. Cost of membership and monthly fee. (a) it is recommended that the cost of membership is equal to the monthly maintenance cost. Otherwise, this does more than prevent the dupliacion, since many people will not join your business by him made pay an amount high in concept of input. (b) though in theory a high monthly fee entails higher commissions, this always will be a handicap for the affiliate since if you don’t see results in a short time it will begin to be impatient and will begin to see it as an expense rather than as an investment for what will end up abandoning.

7 Modes of affiliate. The possibility of being able to join a person via the internet makes the possibilities of duplication increase since in this way we can affiliate with people anywhere in the world. 8. Free trial. Having the opportunity to try the product or business for a defined time helps the person to see how his Office, management of receipts and payments, and send invitations with what the chances of this person remain in the business grows. 9.

Compensation plan. The company must distribute at least 50 percent of their income to affiliates. A simple compensation plan is recommended for that affiliate understands it perfectly and no doubt. 10 Stay never join a company that forces him to stay for a minimum. 11. competence of the company. Much greater competition has the company less likely will have to remain a long time in the market. These are according to my opinion the 11 aspects more to take into account when choosing a MLM company. I hope that this article serve you for help when deciding for a MLM company. If you liked in post I encourage you to leave a comment or share it. Alex Hurtado. Original author and source of the article.

King Carlos III

What to consider when playing the lottery La Primitiva has its origins in the reign of King Carlos III, i.e., the lottery more longeva of the country with more than about 250 years of existence. For that reason, la Primitiva is one of the most famous bets, being the oldest and one of the most economical. Like the Euromillions, in La Primitiva, get the combination of 6 numbers from 49, is practically impossible, since it is pure chance and luck, although we may use some statistical strategies on the primitive that make us believe more in the in our luck. Based on statistics, numbers that most times have come in La Primitiva are 39, 47, 38, 3, and 48 with a total of 321, 316, 315, 309 and 311 times. However, these figures frequently asked not relate completely with the ideal combination. The most repeated combination in La Primitiva usually consist of 6 numbers spread over 4 tens between 1 and 49 in the following way: 2 numbers in a dozen, 2 in another, 1 on a third and 1 more in fourth ten. It is not less important to know the tens, it must be borne in mind that the numbers that most they have repeated are 3 pairs and 3 odd and often distribute 3 numbers between 1 and 25, and other 3 numbers between 26 and 49.

The primitive has more facts, on no occasion have touched either 6 or 5 consecutive numbers and only 11 draws have appeared 4 consecutive numbers. On the other hand, the most common sum usually range from 140 to 149, and after 248 years since its creation, there is only a lottery whose sum exceeds 250. Finally, from Ventura24 we encourage them to tempt fortune, although already available statistics and techniques to gain the desired prize. Source: Press release sent by jorgemendoza.


There have been some events during the course of the history of the insurance entities somewhat difficult to ensure, a clear example of this are aviation or accidents of trains, therefore the invention of innovative processes as coinsurance have allowed these entities despite the greatness of the event to achieve people provide security for which they were created these entities. Co-insurance is a contract whereby several insurance companies decide somehow to join or associate with the purpose of achieving secure big events such as the above mentioned, this is done in order to minimize costs by the insurer because on certain occasions insured economic values beyond the valued by insurance. In the co-insurance person or insured entity possesses the ability to choose who can make it, and in that sense, more clearly each person can choose insurance company cares for every part of its assets; It is proper to mention that in this process of assurance as they can intercede two insurers also may have up to eight and if needed more. It is very important to say that there is another important activity called reinsurance, which is defined as the method by which an insurance company decides to cede part of their risks valued in order to decrease its loss at the hands of co-insurance. The coasegurado contract parties decide individually which percentage of the risk want to cover, this happens since some insurance companies have higher percentages to be filled in any eventuality, although usually this sharing is 50/50, however the total percentage can be distributed in the desired manner between the parties involved in this contract. It is good to clarify that although the sharing of the risk is made by each insurer, this not is carried out if the customer disagrees with this distribution.

Today thanks to the great utility that provides this type of insurance contracts they may possess some types of coinsurance that offer different virtues; some of these types are: direct coinsurance: this is the contract whereby the primary insurance entity (starter) Decides to transfer some risks to other insurance entities; This whole process is always to inform the insured. Internal coinsurance: this is the contract whereby the primary entity yields some risks to other entities internally, without informing the insured. It is good to clarify that in the case of any sinister entity be liable for insurance as if it were a single. Tax coinsurance: this contract of coinsurance is the insured is the person who decides to that entity or entities should be delegated the percentages to take care in case of an accident and at the same time can accept or reject proposals made by these entities. Given the above is demonstrated that coinsurance are displayed before us as an excellent way of ensuring goods and especially if they have a high economic value; so there is no excuse whatsoever for not caring for our capital if there is currently so simple but useful as co-insurance contracts. Original author and source of the article


This popular breed of dog is conformed by animals well muscled and of size medium with greater resistance. Known for its elegance, the Dalmatian has a body similar to the Pointer. The coat is hard, short and dense, white with spots randomly located. Stains can be black or brown. The feet are round with well arched toes and fingernails are white or the same color as the stain. The truffle (nose) is black in dogs of black spots and Brown in brown dogs. The eyes are dark brown or amber, with an intelligent expression.

The ears are soft, fine tuned towards the tip, carry them bent over themselves falling forward. The greater the definition of stains, equitable distribution and size (large stains on the back becoming smaller towards the legs) most valued will be the dog. Due to its history as dogs to accompany carriages, it’s a breed that requires exercise and activity. They are fast runners with great resistance. In rural environments, if left roam freely, it is likely to take long walks and return within several days. Since then in an urban environment this is unreliable so the best is to contain the animal.

His energy and playful nature makes them excellent companions for children, those who resist a pretty rough treatment. It is however essential that the copy is properly socialized and trained in the treatment of children and infants is displayed the right way of playing with the animal; as almost any dog, Dalmatian is perfectly capable of hurting a child, even during an innocent game, and particularly with very young children who may accidentally hit or throw. The Dalmatian is a very sensitive dog that suffers much abuse and hardly forgotten, so it is not recommended to train them with negative methods. It is also a very sociable dog that requires human companion; If left alone, must be trained to tolerate it and avoid suffering and depression; Optionally should buscar you some Companion. Despite his attachment to humans, it is a dog character independent, intelligent and able to survive by itself only. Original author and source of the article

Plywood Class

meter of surface. Plywood second-class standard, can have knot diameter not exceeding 40 mm, plywood third grade there may be knots maximum diameter of 70 mm. On the plywood of the fourth grade this indicator .Chastichno accreted, unjoint, loose knots, knot holes and wormholes. This kind of defects are totally unacceptable a veneer of elite varieties. Plywood Class I: may be up to three listed defects per 1 sq.m. surface, if their diameter is less than 6 mm or 10 mm if the hole sealed with putty. Plywood second grade: standard allows the presence of no more than 6 such defects per 1 sq.m. diameter of 6 mm, clamped putty – 15 mm.

Plywood third grade: it is assumed the existence of an unlimited number of these defects with a diameter up to 100 mm, plywood fourth grade are allowed any number of defects with a diameter up to 400 mm. Closed splits. Serried edge cracks should be held tightly to each other. Plywood elite class does not admit the existence of these defects. Plywood grades 1.4 allows unlimited number of cracks, provided that they do not impair performance characteristics. Diverged cracks. Standard does not permit the presence of dispersed cracks in the elite grade plywood. In the first plywood varieties may be present 1.2 cracks up to 250 mm and a thickness of 3 mm, if they are sealed with putty. In plywood Class ii 3.1 crack lengths up to 400 mm in diameter and 5 mm. Plywood 3 grades: 1-3 cracked up to 600 mm, a width of 10 mm.