Asefarma Explains The Accounting Of Pays In The Spanish Pharmacy

The medecine dispensation unidosis that will enter January of 2011 in force does not like to Asefarma. And it is that one of the Consultant’s offices of Pharmacies leaders of our country, (), sees contradictions in Real Decree 8/2010. In this last project that has presented/displayed the Government considers the manipulation of conventional packages, the adaptation of others and the division of packages on the part of the pharmacy. Of this form the project can enter contradiction with the effective sanitary norm as far as the authorization, registry and conditions of dispensation of medecines and to the phamacist in addition like person in charge to the dispensation, would be due to equip with greater security at legal level to him, comments Belinda Jimnez of the Saints, Person in charge of the Department of Dynamic Management of Asefarma. But this is not the unique discrepancy of Asefarma. The trazabilidad that is wanted to establish in certain medecines thinks that she is not safe. differences with the effective legislation also consider, since if one exists manipulation of the packages, the trazabilidad cannot be guaranteed, adds this directive. Also the Consultant’s office of Dynamic Management also has doubts in as important subject as the budgetary saving that this Decree persecutes.

has not carried out an analysis on the real costs and the effectiveness of this measurement and that justifies the real saving that can suppose. Between the costs that would be generated it contemplates the remuneration that would have to receive the office of pharmacy by the act of the manipulation of the packages. All this takes to us to conclude that this project as is defined generates infinity of doubts as far as the form of its technical application and as far as the results of saving for the Government with this measurement, finalizes Belinda Jimnez of the Saints, Person in charge of the Department of Dynamic Management of Asefarma.