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The results of these projects are used for both material and nonmaterial motivation. Ratings can detect market advantages and disadvantages of the service, to identify and eliminate the "weak" places. The result of the project Mystery shopping customer receives is in the form of the final index of quality of service in the company's certain period, expressed in points or percentage estimates. It is preceded by a work filled with mysterious customer questionnaires in which they provide answers to the evaluations on well-formulated questions. For example, "greeted the seller to you at your appearance in the store?" Since the assessment of service quality by people to some extent, there is subjectivity.

However, to reduce its expression and impact on the bottom line makes it possible, first of all, intelligent tools – Mystery Shopper Questionnaire and carefully prescribed behavior patterns. For even more details, read what author says on the issue. The evaluation criteria that may "mean" subjectivity should be minimized. For example, a mandatory standard for tinning almost all companies is a "seller's goodwill." This standard is a subjective workload. More info: Senator Marco Rubio . Each person evaluates goodwill on the basis of personal experience, the requirements put forward by the people, their character traits, lifestyle, etc. Therefore, to avoid subjectivity in the application form clearly specify what behavior the seller is friendly (courteous, smiling, etc.). If the subjective evaluations by mystery shoppers in some criteria the staff can not be avoided, then they are entered in form and are formulated with the mark "Subjective assessment", the "comments" and are considered in the light of this factor. Subjective evaluation can sometimes give the customer more information about some features of the service, which could not be expressed as a questionnaire.

It reviews, impressions, emotions, those mystery shoppers, which assesses the quality of service. To optimize the interaction with the client company in Research & Branding Group has developed online – the system of "fast response. " With this system, customer can not only monitor the progress of the project, but also to view each performed an assessment, order the interesting statements. With the accumulation of Mystery Shopper company experience and was used to solve the problems of higher complexity. For example, this is a test of "honesty" of employees when it is suspected that someone from the staff in their work grossly "liberties" or failed to comply with internal security. In some cases, in the course of such projects from the mystery shoppers a high level of artistry and dramatic skill, since they are the provocateurs. Accordingly, the importance and complexity of such visits increased tenfold. Also increasingly being used as an additional Mystery shopping method of gathering information during marketing research, especially in benchmarketinge. Mystery shopping is a special training, but he must possess certain skills (observation, artistry, high distribution of attention, etc.). Of course, it should be people who fit the target audience of the Customer, to make it difficult to distinguish from the mass of buyers.