Business Startup

Risk retail in structurally weak region as inhabitant of a less-favoured area, however beloved home, the Selbsstandigkeit in the learned profession of the retail clerk remained as an alternative to unemployment or mini job. Here, Farallon Capital Management expresses very clear opinions on the subject. This route had so his hurdles at the beginning but quite perfectly taken thanks to good planning and preparation. The business idea is the opening and operation of a retail business for paints, wallpapers, lacquers, accessories, tool and home accessories in a stationary shop, as well as online shop. The opening date will be the 27.10.2011. The are the basis of the previously existing retail store colors fishermen with its long tradition, which is abandoned by the previous owner.

This means that I newly open the business at the old site, as founder of the existence and the brand (in town and district has long been a term) will revive and use it to my advantage. It is before the revolution in the GDR in the business a family business, through My father was and is much longer at this location. The idea came to independence for various reasons concluded. A basic commodity that described alternative unemployment or mini job (cashier at the grocery store), the other reason is above the deep emotional connection to the family business – this should be obtained. It was personally important with the independence to realize myself and to take responsibility. Thorough analysis was followed by the idea and in reference range (power and range), customers, site, competitors, etc. and of course financial planning. Because it was from the outset the aim, to be able to live by the business. The core of the business is the performance program, this consists of three main performance areas: a) sales of goods of the product program on individuals, businesses and institutions. The form of distribution, which stationary in a retail store, as well as in the remote sales trading through an online shop is the retail to be realized.