Champions League

For athletes represents the surrender of a goblet, the highest of all goals dar. Whether it’s football, handball, table tennis or the street, all athletes to have as its sole objective, the trophy in his hands to hold. The absolute highlight for professional athletes is under almost all the major sports championship. One championship trophy to win, and that the celebrated athletes and the best team in the world to be, has the most significant role. Prizes will be awarded as a rule also in the field of amateurs and children’s and youth competitions. Even otherwise, each is keen to have each athlete at the top of the podium. Thus, as a rule will not only get the best performance also received a prize, the second-and third-placed a price. Is well known from this small. In the most appreciated of the German sport, football, has received a large number of trophies. From the DFB Cup, the UEFA Cup and the Champions League trophy to the Europe and World Cup. For important events, such asa World Cup, the Cup often presented in a solemn Rite with a subsequent fireworks. However, not only in well-known sports such as football is emulated for trophies. In addition, sports shooting, the rugby or the equestrian coveted prizes will be awarded. The remarkable Cup competitions in the game mode. Unlike in the league competitions, there is in the cup competition, the so-called knock-out system. Losing a group or a single player game, he is eliminated. Thanks to this very strict statutes a cup of athletes is so popular. However, the best or gets the trophy. Cup competitions have a long tradition of track record. As in the 19 Century, for example, the America’s Cup held in sailing, or the Davis Cup in tennis. An exception is made in the Champion Cup in football. A nation wins the World Cup three times in succession, they can acquire one price and it must be made a new one. At the 1966 World Cup in Great Britain, the cup was stolen, and only thanks to a randomfound again.