Cossack Bay

Sevastopol can help western regions of Ukraine? But they were on subsidies, due to industrialized regions! And it's not all misery that was to "disentangle" Sevastopol. The concept of combat support and includes the production of military-industrial complex. And to a lesser extent in Ukraine and to a greater extent Russia. Although the military-industrial complex jobs in Sebastopol picture is reversed – they are working mostly Ukrainians. Thus, the situation as Ilya of Murom, if brought forth the Russian fleet from the Crimea – Sevastopol, economic collapse, and if become reduce armed forces – in Sevastopol will unemployment and unrest, and if nothing is going to do in Sevastopol will wield "dealers", which will translate to the economy, crime and city rails will be sacked. In the words of Mikhail Gorbachev – "The process has started!" – We could go on.

Dealers (and not – honest businessmen) have already begun to build a pearl of Crimea, Sevastopol than is without nuclear weapons, a staging for huge flows of goods not pleasant. Here and oil (Cossack Bay), kaolin clay and metal (Reed Bay), and etched grain (North). Want to make sure that overwhelmed all sorts of rubbish – go to the Inkerman (slightly further CHP) and see the mountains of black granular material, overloaded and spilled into the water of the bay. Finally, the recent plans for a commercial port of Inkerman and shipyards. For this part of the deepening inkermansky North Bay. In What is it? The Black Sea ports, as well as the shipyard is not loaded (Ukrainskie!).

Why start construction of what is already there. Themselves to make the step? And look what is happening with the privatization of enterprises! I'm not talking about money threads – how many and where. The situation is worse. Residents of Sevastopol can do nothing with the willfulness of entrepreneurs. Take, for example Morzavod (in the literature of the glory and heroism of Sevastopol you can meet, "Once again ..- beep Morzavoda wake … Sebastopol. " No longer wakes up. Sleep well). It's "gold mine" at least for the "corridor". What can you do if the owner of SMZ seems advantageous to do on its own territory handling, say coke. And you'll be sitting on the Count's dock and watch and feel like "make money". In the arguments about income and the reader can come to this conclusion. Maximum income can provide 'private' Sevastopol belongs one owner, which it privatized. Of all the options of using it as a profitable enterprise, most will use the bay as a repository for highly hazardous wastes. Moreover, the effect will be greater than any another solution in 2 – 3 orders! A normal person thinks this is absurd, but not for some businesses, for which above all – the profit margin. There is great danger for Sevastopol. Even managed solely by the 'Swag' private building could return to Sevastopol 'ridge of lawlessness' start X! Tenth century, but a grand scale. It would seem, do Sevastopol center of tourism and recreation center mikrotehnlogy, microelectronics and other technologies with the catchy name of "Silicon Valley" (may be something else and left in Sevastopol except toys) and is a thriving city of Sevastopol, pereplyunuv welfare even Malta. I would like this to wish you, the reader. But wishes are executed only for those who are not indifferent to their roots! Let the city of Sevastopol will be Glory and Prosperity! A? In many respects it depends on you, Sevastopol!