Distribute Information

You can provide guidance and advice to benefit its subsidiaries. 3) To promote advertising opportunities. You may provide information on their advertising plan your website, ezine or newsletter. You can set your autoresponder to send information about the cost of advertising, and how to get more information. Of course may also notify your list of discounts or offers of advertising you may have.

4) Enter comments. Write reviews on products and services and are found useful. You can set your autoresponder to send your comments along with your affiliate link of the product in question. 5) Provide courses email. Provide valuable information as e-mail courses. These can be configured to send each lesson at certain intervals.

It is important not only want to sell the product, but also offer quality content. Following the information in the final paragraph of course can put the email address or link to give the possibility to purchase your product. 6) Distribute free reports. Give your visitors a sample of the information you provide, and the quality of their product and service. 7) Product hook. Give your prospects a chapter of your product or a demo, or any other product in exchange for name and email. 8) Provide links to hidden pages. In exchange for visitors to give an email address, you can provide a link to a page that contains promotional material for your product and using it as they earn money if they promote to their contacts. This allows you to create a list of affiliates who promote their product. 9) automatic page recovery. It can provide a form on your page collection that allows visitors to be kept informed of special offers or discounts. This offers a great opportunity to create a mailing list containing the names of people who are already customers, and are interested in future products. 10) Distribute articles. Set up your autoresponder to send your viral reports which contains his biography and links to their payment products. Here are 10 creative ways to use autoresponders. All are valuable to all online retailers, and you should seriously consider using one.