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They are websites where we can find articles and information of different categories and themes that make possible contact between writers and editors (of magazines, newsletters, web sites, newspapers, etc.) because I post your articles on these services? Free advertising your article is published and exhibited return also your items are taken by editors (websites, blogs, magazines, newspapers) to be exposed in the media always keeping your name and contact information at the end of each article. Increases traffic to your web site if you post quality articles readers will want to visit your website or blog and thus earn not only more visits but visitors newspapers that will return to your website in search of more information. Popularity of links the more links pointing to your site, the greater the importance of your site when search engines position. Publish articles helps you build credibility and popularity since at these sites will be the link to your page in each of your items and the more important the link is found in a page of similar themed to your website or blog system of lot Byzantium to position yourself in the search engines increases your credibility by publishing your articles aumentaras your credibility. This is an excellent way to start, especially if you’re a renowned author to want it to be. There is a book inside of every person waiting to be published.

Better and more long-lasting advertising to regulate through your article’s quality you’re considered an expert on the subject, thus creating potential customers interested in your product. This is much better to get a simple link to your site, is a letter where you already win the customer’s trust even before visiting your site and your article will be there always working for you 24 hours a day. Be recognized as an expert in the topic when you publish quality articles are recognized by it. Adding prestige to your image when readers read your articles, especially if you share more than one with them. Besides readers can leave comments and appreciate your article so get valuable information about points strong and weak of the same written by Ricardo Speratti Yugler.