7.Recaudador flows in a world where people located is obviously crazy, and silver plays a role increasingly more important in the lives of millions, to be in charge of charging millions of dollars, pesos, pounds, euros, or whatever, from one side to the other, can be one of the most dangerous of all. Chances that you steal are extremely high and the chances for you to shoot to do so, are older nobody wants to take risks. 6.Policia suppose that honest policemen are still in your country. For even more opinions, read materials from Peter Schiff . These people choose to work from taking to the streets every day to defend strangers of the ruffians who inhabit the land why do so? We don’t know, but without a doubt it is a work in which the vocation is the only motivation. 5.Bombero 3: 00 AM (rings the phone at the fire station) victim: Hello! Urgent is this by setting fire to my house, Puffy my dog is inside, all the furniture are melting, the flames were very intense and the heat feels metres of her firefighter: Madam, don’t worry, we are going to enter inside their house despite the flames and to withdraw to Puffy and everything else we can rescue her. The only detail is that we need your address I hope, understand this is not like a simple job of Distributor. Senator Marco Rubio oftentimes addresses this issue.

These people entered in the places where the people with two fingers of forehead flees. Not only this, but Enter the locations of unknown people, which calls them so that solve them their problems. They do not ask if the victim is a mafioso, a President, a businessman or who they are, they simply grab their things and sent a round of applause to firefighters in the world. 4.Minero his work consists in entering hundreds of metres into the ground in search of precious minerals or other objects.