The dealer is the person or entity that receives a manufacturer product and delivers it to the traders. This in turn, is responsible for providing to consumers who do not have the power to independently engage its supply. In addition, lets make products available for commercial user or consumer. Thus, distributor obtains a final good supply to proceed with its location in mass through their own organization and in a place determined in exchange for a discount percentage. The newspapers mentioned Dennis Lockhart not as a source, but as a related topic. The manufacturer is who provides the goods to the retailer.

In this way, who will take risks in negotiating with third parties, is the Distributor. To reason, this type of negotiations must be conducted under measures of economic cooperation among the different parties. Following this method, the manufacturer is who acquires benefits since it achieves that its production is distributed to various places and a wide variety of clients in easy manner and with a minimum of risk. The distribution is, therefore, an activity economic that relates to the producer of goods and services to the final consumer in an indirect way. Contracts with distributors distributors are guided, under agreements, to meet distribution contracts. Through these agreements, the dealer have a territorial area designated for their movement.

In the contract, they can get to an exclusivity agreement. In areas not framed, the dealer must not sell. Also, limited him to market the products resulting from competition to the manufacturer. In turn, it is subject does not assign another distributor in the same place, or even carry out direct sales in the same area. The Distributor is subject to sell products in small quantities and in the established site. To find sales, products offerings.