Excellent Aspects

The regime of the common children is, along with the distribution of goods, one of the fundamental points when Divorcio considers. In this scope has come promoting the figure from Shared Custodia like which it would allow to combine of more effective way the interests of both ancestors in the development of its children. This figure not only supposes a distribution of the time of the boy to 50% between father and mother (although the same could be decided in a possible agreement) but the assumption on the part of both of Right equals and responsibilities in the scope of its raising, education and development. The advantages of the regime of shared safekeeping -First of all, it supposes an implication of both parents in the life of his children, without no of them is relegated in the adoption of the decisions, being reduced thus good part of the frustration and the confliction after the divorce. -Woman, that is to who normally would give the safekeeping of the minor, can enjoy more time to remake its life after divorce and to be developed professionally personal and. -The impediments would disappear so that anyone of the ancestors could spend time with the boy, being place no to use the Regime of Visits like hand-thrown weapon between both parents.

-Like result, the emotional stability of the minor could increase, diminishing the so own problems of socialization and introversin and the scholastic failure of any process of divorce. The disadvantages of the same -As it is logical, it requires of great doses of responsibility, effort and commitment. After all, to see continuously your ex- pair after the divorce could not be something pleasant, especially in certain circumstances (for example, if still you lodged feelings towards her). -An attitude dialogue like and of understanding on the part of both to decide the terms in that would be precise it will move the raising and education of the small one, being able it to see itself made difficult by the possible deterioration in the previous relation divorce. -On the other hand, taken to his ends it could be very complicated for the boy, to have this one to move continuously from a home to another one, especially if both ancestors far lived the one on the other. As it can be seen, these disadvantages are seen widely surpassed by the advantages, which has turned to this modality of safekeeping into the preferred one into the Legal Orderings of many countries, standing out its great benefits for the common children. To try to take it upon maturity of flexible way and to foment to the maximum the communication and cooperation between the parents they are the two key questions that will ensure the success of this alternative.