Planning for the network of tracks on the site should allow most conveniently and efficiently move into the correct point of the plot. The tracks are arranged for the passage from home to other buildings on the site to recreational and most appealing for a review of the corners, places where you want to plant care and other things, if there is a need for frequent visits to the geometry of choice tracks depends on the size of plot, tastes and preferences Customer and compositional plot. For sites large enough, the most suitable winding pattern. It visually enlarges the plot, and makes the garden more harmonious transitions smoother and does not resemble park with chess razlinovkoy. Hear other arguments on the topic with Nicholas Carr . Sites of small size is more suitable linear orientation tracks. The number of tracks specific to each site and corresponded to the number of places where you want to go.

But too much tracks will land too dissected in width will be optimum size that will disperse without narrowness or two people to go with the garden cart. In choosing the best color to imitate the color of the house, for example, the color of its roof or blind area, or stop at the colors are close to natural materials. Do different segments of different colors and of different material is not necessary since it will not look harmonious. You can perform patterns using a variety of directions laying tile or a combination of colors. Harmonious look a track made with a combination of materials: natural stone and gravel, wooden beams and gravel.

When paving tiles desirable to use the curbs. This strengthens the edge of the track, protect from erosion of adjacent lawn, allows more convenient to wash the carpet. Need to arrange a rigid frame for the tracks with loose cover: gravel, bark. Popular sparse paving stone on the lawn for the device picked up a flat stone of different sizes, and fits in a plane with a lawn on sandy ground. Sutures grass. Track looks natural and blends with the surrounding landscape, perfect for walks. The choice of material largely determines the cost of paving. But this is at the discretion of each. Definitely on the cheap vibrocasting tiles you will see cracks much earlier than the stone, not to mention the granite or marble