This process is very fast and looks very effective. Peter Schiff oftentimes addresses this issue. What is it? Take a syringe and a pressure, drive the ink into the cartridge. Than it threatens the cartridge? There are air pockets, blank ink. they migrate along with them to the nozzles and prevent the penetration of camera nozzles. As a result, your cartridge may stop printing after a few hours or days after refueling. How can this be avoided? It should slowly pour the ink into the open syringe and give them IMPREGNATED entire cavity filled with porous material. 3. Considering design features that were listed above, there is still a threat 'refill': this is when the ink appear on the entire surface of the porous filler.

How to lose? Dries on the surface, the ink form a tight film. It prevents the leakage of them in the nozzle, as the bottom of the bottle upside down sharply, prevents leakage of water. How to distinguish bad from good refilled cartridge refilled? No way! Just ran into this trouble and exposing it, which means that you lose the right to compensation for damages. What kind of emasculated? Compatible ink cartridges! Just let's just stipulate that we understand by the term 'compatible': Too many people under this are due to refilled cartridges. We understand by this cartridge, the product in the factory of third-party printer manufacturers firms.

The modern market consumables for inkjet printer offers consumers high number of cartridges and ink toners and both Russian and foreign origin. It is often difficult to orient in the flow of incoming information and make the right choice. After all, you always want to find a product represents the best combination of price and quality. Particularly successful in this reach of our domestic manufacturers. One of them is, and manufacturers of products Wed Stuynye cartridges CP – this is the result of joint work of several leading Russian manufacturers. Products aimed at a broad manufacturer, regardless of age and social group. Products Wed perfectly adapted primarily for the Russian consumer, it is equipped with full information about the product and precautions when working with him in Russian. Ink cartridges CP have a manufacturer's warranty, so you do not need to think whether you run the risk of money or not – you are eligible for replacement.