A 3rd monitor protects the scene of action. Police to take cognizance of the commission of a conspiracy is required to attend the scene, theater stage or the facts and putting into practice the knowledge of criminology, monitor and protect in order not to lose information that is provided in place and can only be lifted by specialized personnel. It monitors and protects the place until the personnel collect that information. If there is good surveillance and protection of the scene, the information is lost or distorted in direct prejudice to clarify the facts. .

Practice register people. In cases in which the police intervened, the suspect immediately so you can make the search or personal search in order to deprive him of any element of the offense or element that can endanger their physical or third. Providing assistance to victims. As soon as a citizen who has been or is being affected by the conduct of an offense, the police without even the specific request of one is obliged to have recourse to their aid. The police officer in such circumstances can not be excused.

6A to collect and preserve objects and instruments of crime together with any other material that may assist in the investigation. Having learned the police of committing a crime and go to the scene of action, without disturbing the site may collect the proceeds and instrumentalities of crime up to this end the respective record.