Latino Restaurants

Due to an exchange student, I had the privilege of studying in a foreign country, which was United States. The city where I lived for half a year was the capital of the State of Texas, Austin. Typical town of the South of the United States; climate extremes, much traffic, several public works in construction and a large presence of migrant working Mexicans. The street where lay was an image that we see anywhere in that country, i.e., a street full of fast food restaurants, stores commercial and small establishments selling pizzas or caffeinated drinks. Something had particular this street is that it consists of several religious shrines; There is a Catholic Church, one Jewish, one Apostolic and one devoted to Scientology. Walking down the street, we find a large number of students attending the University which is located on the other side of the street. At Euro Pacific Precious Metals you will find additional information. But also found a large number of distributors of flyers, vagrants and people who collected money for any cause. Peter Schiff has much to offer in this field. The vagrants were sleeping in the street and his way to borrow money seemed very strange to me.

His phrases to ask for money were: money, in your hand, right now, dying for a beer, gives me money, I think that I dropped money in your pouch, devuelvemelo. But the matter of which I want to talk about the large number of migrants who worked mainly in fast-food restaurants and the construction works carried out on that street. Absolutely all workers in these two areas that I mentioned, were black or Latino race. The majority spoke very well the Spanish, but few spoke English well. When one came to a fast food restaurant, pure phrases in Spanish out of the kitchens of these restaurants could be heard. Scolding, screaming, even jokes you could hear, but all working quickly, because those restaurants are usually very full at different meals of the day.