Makeup Trends

There are too many ways for eye makeup why not try them all? Recent trends have included metal styles, natural and even a smoky eye. You can reach each of these colors and styles with proper tools and of course, the practice of applying eye makeup. To achieve a more natural look, use light colors or tones that are the color of your skin with no shine. Apply a shade of beige base and lid to your brow bone and blend outwards with a brush with shadows for eyes bigger. Then apply a slightly darker color in the crease of the eyelid and mix down. Finally, apply a light beige, just below the arch of the eyebrow. Do you want a dramatic look? Think of smoke. The smoky eyes is a great style for a night out in the city, but avoid it in the office.

For a smoky eye, begins with a shadow on the eyelid. Use a tone gray smoke if you use cold or warm brown tones used and applied in the eyelid. It then applies a darker shade with a brush in the angle at the base of the lid and blend. Finally, apply the same dark shade in the crease and use the blender brush to blend down. You need the most amount of color in his eyes only on the lids to get that dramatic look. By choosing the right tools, make sure you have an angled brush eye shadow, eyeliner brush and a brush with the blender.