The mix of the marketing also are known still as 4P? s, where it is a set of controlable 0 variable of marketing that the company uses to reach its objectives. They are: price, square, product and promotion. The mix of marketing are constituted by some activities, being of difficult distinction. With the objective to distinguish them, studious had formulated a program called 4P? s, that would be the price, the product, the square and the promotion. This mix of marketing looks for to demonstrate that each P encloses varies activities (KOTLER, 1998, P. 34). This tool of marketing is essential for the organizations, therefore it possesss the characteristics main that she makes with that the company remains acting in the market.

To confirm this Urdan and Urdan (2006, P. 29) they affirm that: The made up of marketing drift of the strategical decisions. It is what flame of vertical consistency, corresponding to the alignment between the strategical elements (market-target, positioning and competitive strategies) and tacticians (the four P? s). After the tactics it comes the operational level. This is next to day-by-day of the work, exemplificado for the procedures and the more steady routines of lesser complexity and. When the vertical consistency is reached, marketing mix is conceived in function of the characteristics of the market-target, of the proposals of positioning of the company and of the competitive strategies … Already Kotler and Armstrong (2006, P. 47), defines the Mix of the Marketing as: …

a set of tactical and controlable tools of marketing that the company uses to produce the reply that she desires in the white market. She consists in that the company can make to influence the demand of its product …. The Mix of the Marketing have as objective main to provide to the certain product to the customer, making possible optimum place of access, with the adequate value and correct communication.