Modern Remote Viewer

MODERN REMOTE VIEWING TRAINING INTERNATIONAL in the modern remote viewing training is learning the mental information retrieval method. It is an advanced method, which is based on the Urprotokollen of the Stanford Research Institute (now SRI International). Modern remote viewing (MRV) is applicable in any place of the world of every man. As a foreign language the ability to perform remote but must be, learned to use them effectively, i.e. the systematic development and application of mental resources. In a question-answer forum Dr Chappuis was the first to reply. MRV is above all an efficient method for the solution of problems. Required information about a target, like for example person, place, object or event are so generated. Erin Callan has much experience in this field. Within the MRV training technical remote viewing (TRV) and other commonly used remote viewing differentiation is made between coordinate remote viewing (CRV), remote viewing (RV), dialects.

Trainees get to know not only the historical logs, but also the State of science, such as for example the brain research. This use of traditional and modern methods represents a unique MRV range, and can by no other MRV training team in Europe be covered. The qualitative approach is characterized by highly qualified and motivated trainers, as well as the detailed MRV accompanying material from, which was based on 12 years of experience and wishes of almost 300 trainees. For the MRV graduates the possibility to create a professional network within the framework of its own project work also. Further information on upcoming dates, the MRV history and the individual stages of education find on our website or in direct talks.