Municipal School Prof Aribaldina

Beyond working in classroom, Aribaldina still was secretary and agent of health. Pertaining to school performance of the Municipal School Prof Aribaldina de Lima Brito, counts on Association of Parents and Masters having as presidency, advice and directors associates composed for parents and masters, being that its implantation this in progress one due to school is in process of formation of its functional picture. Ambient characteristics the relief is marked by a colinosa topography, where they predominate the plateau, characterized for raised and plain lands; the source, characterized for moderately inclined lands; the sand bank, marked for lands of low altitude, situated throughout igaraps of firm land. The types of ground follow the topography of the land. In the plateau, latossolo yellow of argillaceous texture predominates. In the source, the predominant ground are the podzlico of arenaceous texture and the quartzous sands. In the sand bank podzol hidromrfico of arenaceous texture predominates. The adjacent vegetation is characterized by the diversity of representative forests of the Amaznia and that they are extended for the colinoso relief.

The plateau bush is characterized by a multiestratificada vegetation, with trees of great transport. The source bush is marked by a transistion vegetation, where if they in such a way find species of campinarana how much of plateau, it presents a great biomass. The campinarana is characterized by a medium biomass, rickety trees and high density of epfitas. The sand bank bush places itself on ground made marshy, in its landscape dominates the palms arbreas. In abandoned lands they predominate secondary vegetation known as capoeiras, characterized for the predominance of trees of small transport, ruderais shrubs and grass. The local wild fauna is characterized by the presence of the macrofauna, represented for diverse birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and, the composed microfauna for insects, arachnids, clams, etc. With regard to the hydrography, the area is bathed by the basin of the Puraquequara. Part of its courses d? water is born in the Forest Reserve Ducke, presenting clean, black or clear water.

For east, it drains the Ipiranga narrow river, that is affluent of the narrow river of the Puraquequara. This is affluent direct of the river Amazon. The predominant climate is Equatorial Hot-Humid, with an annual average temperature around 26 C. the distribution of rains is sufficiently homogeneous during the year, presenting a superior pluviomtrica height 2 000 mm. the relative humidity of air is always superior 80%. As the Managing Plan of Manaus, the Colony Chico Mendes bes situated in the Area of Transistion, that is, in the band of the municipal territory that skirtes the limits of the Urban Area, including the Reserve Forest Adolpho Ducke. In the community, the following uses are developed: residential of low density (construction of building of up to three floors), agriculturist, services, commerce and leisure.