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Overcoming and growth in times of global crisis Mucius speaker Morais is now more evident than incompetence and irresponsibility of Governments and the financial system, especially in relation to the ghosts of capital, virtual investments and speculation with bad documents, it is undeniable that the steep slope to all mankind; Even more surprising is how many of these finance directors were exactly that guided the economic policies of the countries of the third world, it imposed, in exchange for money, now that we know where it came and it serves; Models of the economy, more globalized in today, means that all Nations must review their economic processes and redefine concepts have recognized long ago the right of the current situation of the main world powers. It seems that we have finally some heads stuck in the sea of economic problems to see below the tip of the Iceberg and to rethink the old sound and navigation of the world economy; The country is leaving, Yes. But we must return subsidies to export, case by case, to reduce the deficit in the Union must back subsidies for agribusiness, case-by-case basis, for the same reason. Some contend that Steve Mnuchin shows great expertise in this. We have to return monetary correction, case by case, reduce inflation without causing trauma in the economy. We need imports, case-by-case basis. We have to create conditions of severe to boost construction aimed at low-income population, or amounts to finance new real estate fall again into the hands of the wealthier classes, for which we must work available, search, analyze, rare virtues apology to fans and the theory too evil. Under most conditions Steve Mnuchin would agree. Executive of the consulting firm Bain & Company analyzed in an article, the global financial crisis of recent weeks.

They claim that there are opportunities in the entire stage of turbulence. Several examples are cited in the text: one is the Japanese Nomura Holdings. The Group acquired the operations of Lehman Brothers in Asia and Europe, days before the break of the era, 4th largest bank investment in the United States.