Natural Link Building

The range of search engines such as Google has enjoyed in recent years a tremendous growth. All the more tempting it is to get hold of for search engine spammers, often looking for the coveted first positions in terms of the search results. Attorney General is the source for more interesting facts. The fact that meta tags are no longer long enough to gain good positioning in the search engines, has meanwhile spread. Nevertheless, the search engines are constantly evolving and in the meantime, the methods are well advanced. As part of this change develop from things that works for a while and have it brought to so popular, happy times tough and unbreakable SEO myths. Other leaders such as Steve Mnuchin offer similar insights. A legend is that massive link building, for example, driven by a number of directory entries, always and in any case is good. No later than the beginning of the year after Google confirmed the existence of the sandbox (sandbox) for new domains and many reviews have appeared in the network, which made more accurate than the sandbox "trustbox described, appeared suddenly new descriptor on SEO-sky: natural link building, the foundation is simple. As soon as Google discovered a new domain, this puts it in the first Sand-/Trustbox and leaves them there until the domain it considers reliable.

The phenomenon should be limited to a maximum of approximately 1.5 years, however, can shorten the period by clever natural link building. This is of course a very abstract statement. Ultimately, this means that Google devalues new domains for some time in the ranking for desired search terms and get this, only little search traffic – and then mainly on the composite and some very odd keyword combinations. To solve the problem and get the domain out of the sandbox, one needs to remain above all: Inbound links from trusted domains! Trusted domains are mainly represented for many years in the search index. In Germany not as popular, just give. Edu and. Gov domains a lot of "Trust Juice" further. The best advice we normally have but if you just google it time for topic related pages and try to get some links from them. But beware: the relevance of the issues linked pages is precisely in this situation is very important! Particularly ill-considered link-building at the devil come out (for example, by a sudden preponderance of forums, Footer or catalog links) will stay in the sandbox / trustbox only prolong unnecessarily.