Pocket Calendar

But with thoughtless use it more harmful than beneficial. But the fact is that the size of the usual for us pocket calendar with rounded corners all 100×70 mm. And the attempt to cram into it any vending illustration of the effect of much reducing its impact. Visuals should help to achieve specific goals of the advertising. For this reason, it is better not to use ready-made images that are in excess offer extensive collections on CD, and book design pocket calendar with a professional – a designer or artist. TEXT Text content pocket calendar must also be focused on the possible buyer.

Short intriguing slogan, simple and clear proposal of the goods or services, contacts, and sometimes how to get – that is, perhaps, the entire text of the calendar. You should not overburden him with excess information. May not fit. And should it? Pocket Calendar to be functional. Therefore, the numbers “grid” on the back side to make legible and placed in the usual columns for most people. Red day you can celebrate birth or other organization other than the official landmark date.

Well done APPLICATION pocket calendar successfully replace the corporate card. And if to illustrate the use of their own photo and specify the necessary information about yourself, it becomes personal and business card. This option is preferable, even for those who have a lot of contacts. This salespeople, doctors, taxi drivers etc. Large network stores have long used the pocket calendars as discount coupons. For this purpose, pocket calendars indicate the size of the discounts and bonuses that the customer would receive when buying goods. These calendars are great suitable for distribution at trade shows, sales and presentations. They are more practical than traditional calendars, souvenirs. There is a chance that having a calendar that gives preferential right of purchase, a person not only it will not throw, but will carry with them to keep at home or at work. And if he does not need these products now, you will certainly remember them as soon as such a need appears. Remind him about it all the same pocket calendar.