Poverty of Immigrants

We have to recognise that entering too many migrants, undoubtedly they could cause quite negative consequences on populations people of recipient countries, but also, we understand that many companies are frustrated to liberalize world trade among advanced Nations, and that, to the short or the long run, they have to close their doors (loss of employment, limitation of templates(, early retirement). In summary: go back to create an almost perfect globalized fear. I converse with my thinking, and he tells me: what is so much wealth in our hands? If wealth promotes compassion, one wants to be poor; If poverty generates hatred, one wants to be rich. And it is that man is insatiable in terms of possession of riches (for worldly goods). Money is like manure that is cast to the Earth: gain nothing if it is not extended, wrote Francis Bacon. We must banish forever the compassion for the poor and the fear of globalization. Because establishing an intercultural dialogue among human beings, it can be to try to create a globalized world where the poor are less poor, and the rich are a little less rich: equitable distribution of wealth.

In the world there are forty billionaires who distribute crumbs of anguish and pain, and thus see die, every day of the year, thousands upon thousands of children who are born, only and exclusively, to have a speedy, stressful and hard death. As well, and I firmly believe, the cultural conflicts that are fostered with the immigration problem would go solving, little by little, with behavior civilized among races, cultures and religions. Democracies are made strong, no doubt, respecting plurality and diversity among cultures and continents. Globalization will succeed, provided, establish solid pillars where settle convergent ideas for global disarmament. EE.UU., England, Iran, Korea of the North, Israel and Islamic fundamentalism not estan for the work.

Violence always begets violence, and this is well known. Countries that do not converse, and converses by mediation of culture, are dedicated to a constant warlike confrontation. He thinks one than indefinite. Perhaps there is no perfect globalization, but we all have to contribute to the development and lifting of that third world forgotten and massacred by friends and strangers. Religions must get used to the coexistence and mutual respect, because they help men overcome their fears: fear of death, fear of pain, fear of losing the head all religions are true and from lugo, all have one God: the God of all religions. If you have two pieces two pieces of bread, give one to the poor; the other sells and buy hyacinths to feed thy soul (Indian poem).