Public Administration

Dapor that, when it is alluded to the Public Farm in judgment, the expression is presented as synonymous of the State in judgment or the public being in judgment, or, still, of the legal entity of public law in judgment. In the truth, the expression Public Farm represents the personificao of the State, enclosing the legal people of public law. In the process where it has the presence of a legal entity of public law, this can be assigned person, generically, of Public Farm. (…) ' ' When the procedural legislation uses of the term Public Farm is to mention the Union to it, to the States, the Cities, the District Federal and its respective autarchies and fundaes.' ' What in fact he interests in them in the present work is the procedural technical meaning, where the expression ' ' Pblica&#039 farm; ' if it relates to the Public Administration, represented for the proper legal people of internal public law, that is, Union, States, Federal District, Cities, as well as, the autarchies and Foundations. As said in the first lines of this work, beyond the profits made bitter in the balconies of the poles of the faced Farms Public and mazelas for that they wait in the line of payment of the famous precatrios. The choice of this subject if gave especially because, while the pressing necessity is proclaimed to the four cantos to modernize and to democratize the judiciary Brazilian, in the contrahand of these yearnings, we witness the increasing disequilibrium of the procedural relation when a public being figure as part. It has seen that the measures that guarantee a guardianship more clere, many times go of meeting with the interests and prerogatives of the Public Farm and it is this point that I intend to focus in the present work. Aspects Controverted of the Possibility of Concession of the Anticipated Guardianship in Face of the Public Farm The chosen subject sufficiently is controverted and controversial, therefore we in such a way find divergences in the doctrine as in the jurisprudence.