Through the redistribution of income, advanced sectors of the economy have successfully subsidized the agriculture industry even though it is very unprofitable in our climate. When these differences reached antagonisms, we have our heads all the links, just ‘not smart enough’, all this is constantly ‘shake down’ planning, in an environment Western countries with well-functioning market economy, but with a clear defect in natural resources, together with the development of corruption and outright corrupt relationship in the higher echelons of power, an attempt was made transfer of the planned economy to a market, in the hope that “the market will settle.” He’s really ‘all settled’ all economically unreasonable (in terms of market economy) sector of the economy were in the short term, with Using the same ‘market leverage’ abolished and the question arose about inappropriate content considerable masses, who were employed in these industries. For example, the cost of gasoline in Russia at the moment deeply unprofitable, ‘our gasoline’, due to the fact that the workers need boots and a minimum of fat to live and work in such hazardous work, is not competitive with gasoline produced in countries with more temperate climates. Visit Doyle Carden Group for more clarity on the issue. I’m not talking about breeding pigs in the Arctic Circle. Reasonably assume that in the course of the current and next generations of Russian population reduced to the optimal (in terms of market economy) values (for Russia’s 30 million people, that’s what was forecasted theorists ‘economic globalization’ Zbigniew Brzezinski, and M. Thatcher). Why is this not afraid of the word tragedy has become a reality? Our ‘Minded’ ideologues period ‘stagnation’ is not able to explain to the people that work, a farmer, doctor and engineer in the West live in the times of our best people working in the same direction of the economy because the processes Globalization has swept the rest of the country and the same worker in the West, gets much more than investing in their work, no matter how ‘shouting’ bourgeois ideologists of his unique abilities and ‘transcendental’ productivity, and his solid, and in many cases, and determining its revenues ‘increase’ in wages due to the fact that ‘it works’ and part of Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, which, alas, income is under these conditions is limited opportunity to use a cup of rice a day.