Blasted offal trimmed with a knife, then wash them in warm water, using this brush. Sturgeon, stellate sturgeon, beluga and other fish are treated the same as for hot dishes. Boiled fish is cooled and cut into slices. Edible fish waste (head, fins, bones) are treated the same way as for cooking fish broths. Gastronomic products Salmon, salmon, salmon pre-formation, cutting off the vertebral and rib bones. Rasplastovannuyu fish first cleaned, and cleaned the fish, intended for cutting. Slice fish from the tail fin at an angle into pieces, pieces that were wide. Balik cleaned from the skin and smooth out only part of the sturgeon that is used for cutting.

To guard against zavetrivaniya stripped of sturgeon wrap in parchment paper. Add to your understanding with Euro Pacific Precious Metals. Pressed caviar knead on a marble or wooden board and, leveling with a knife, add the desired shape. Herring was purified from the skin, remove the insides. Herring may be to cut into fillets, removing the backbone and rib bones. If the hard salted herring, then its pre-soaked for several hours in cold water or milk.

Herring sandwiches cut into 2 pieces, and the dish for 5-6 pieces. Ham (ham and cooked roll) released from the skin, is divided into parts and cleaned. After that, the ham is cut into pieces. For sandwiches, cut into pieces as wide, so they completely cover the bread slices. When cutting ham should seek to layer of fat evenly distributed between the pieces. Sausage after removing the shell from the part of the loaf, which is intended to be used, cut: thick loaves sausage – one slice on a sandwich, thin loaves – 2-3 pieces, sausage smoked and smoked – 2 – 3 thin pieces. Remove the shell from all over the loaf of sausage should not be, as without sausage shell quickly deteriorates. Loaves of sausage cut across a large diameter, and narrow – obliquely. Cheese cut into pieces along the rectangular and round – on the sectors. Part of that is used for cutting, trimmed of rind and cut into thin slices. Store bare cheese wrapped in a damp cloth (Cloth, gauze) in the refrigerator cabinet. Products intended for food, cut into 30-40 minutes before serving.