Saudi Arabia Industry

Emerging markets remain important markets. According to a recent study, emerging markets are becoming increasingly important as outlets of the German industry. Already in the past year a high level of demand from the BRIC countries had emerged. Credit: Nickolas Carr -2011. China is overrun by a continuing wave of modernisation, India remains as robust target market stable, opportunities continue to Russia and in Brazil some large projects carried out in the coming years, providing a good opportunity to enter the market. Moreover, a positive development of demand from Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

The BGA worldwide optimistically anticipates a surge of in German exports by up to 10%. “Last year was interest in quality products made in Germany” continues as an evaluation of the official export database of the Federal Association of German industry (BDI) e.V. “is. Even if not every request immediately led to a conclusion, the contacts are attached. Every minute new requests were registered under from around the world and around the clock. In the last twelve months, over 26 million pages with products and services of the German industry were called upon. Under German or germanys present themselves almost 40,000 export-oriented companies with their products and services on the Internet and include research on different language versions and search options. In addition exists in the export database of German industry as a classic, multilingual book and CD-ROM. Spending 2010 have been released currently. “CD-ROM German export database” (various selection criteria, multilingual data export) and printed instruction (148,–plus ges.