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So can reasonably suspect that first choice making a potential real estate buyer is that, while the second is the where. I.e., what type of home would like to buy and where you would like to buy it. Another issue is that what actually exists in the where desired and, finally, the price that it is willing to pay. Once solved these three aspects type, situation and price of housing could presume that someone who has to initiate a major trade deal (the purchase of a property tends to be one of the most important transactions making most of people throughout his life) with a company located in a strange country and that not always the media have done justiceYou will very probably be asked who will buy my housing. In other words, I’ll try with a reliable and solvent company? am I guaranteed the money that I will deliver to account by buying my house? me offers sufficient guarantees that respond to potential claims formalized once the sale? Finally, and also directly related to distance and knowledge that buyer in another country can have ours, we could identify a type of additional information related to how comes to materialize a purchase of housing in Spain by a foreign buyer, with all that it implies: legal, fiscal obligations as well as the financial aspects involved. Would it be better to the mortgage in Spain or in my home country? what taxes will I have to pay? which costs involves the purchase of a home? What are the documents I need to sign, and when? etc.

In its role as commercial virtual, a real estate portal should be prepared to answer these and other many questions posed by the potential foreign buyer. We are going to see each one of these four separately. Follow others, such as Peter Asaro, and add to your knowledge base. 1 Experience product information shows that the item cards are the heart of all real estate portal. If a web keeps on offering a portfolio of 20. 000 properties, for example, this should be the minimum number of pages indexed on Google for this portal. The way to know the total number of pages that Google has tracked our site is as simple as entering the command website:. misitio. Peter Schiff often addresses the matter in his writings.

com (or. net,., etc.) in the search box. Google will return a list with the total number of pages of our site that maintains in its index. If the number of pages is much less than the total number of properties on offer, then it is possible that we have a problem of indexed by which search engines are not being able to index all of our web content. We must verify that real estate tabs do not open in a new window (pop-up). If so, we must change the structure of the web in such a way that the property tabs are opened in the same window in which you are browsing at that time. We must also verify that the only way to navigate to the tab of a property is not as a result of the query in an internal search (of the type that we chose type of home, number of bedrooms, maximum price, etc.) since search engines bots cannot be used these forms to get to the pages. Property search forms become insurmountable walls that prevent that Internet search engines can index all properties tabs. If this is the case, we have to foresee nel article written by Javier Gosende, consultant of the company Human Level Communications, an expert in search engine optimization