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Dog Ticks

The natural alternative against ticks for dogs and cats the company Natura animale distributes amber necklaces for dogs and cats against ticks and thus offers an alternative to the usual chemical means. Effectiveness of the amber necklaces: amber, one of the oldest healing stones at all, contains natural essential oils and unfolds a resinous spicy smell due to friction on the skin of the animal. This, for us humans as a comfort scent is fleas etc as repulsive modeled by ticks, and keeps these small leeches of our favorites. Let convince yourself with the nature of this piece and relieve your pet and your direct environment of unpleasant, toxic chemicals, too. Traditions according to the Bernstein also against following symptoms should act: allergies eczema allergic skin disease inflammation, arthritis vomiting contact fear fear new lack of trust by the absolute advantage of amber beads have negative experiences is that the effect free of any chemical is unfolded. Thus, the body of dogs and cats is not affected. Be sure however, that it is unpolished amber, because only this has this effect. Polished Ambers can be used only for making jewellery.. If you would like to know more then you should visit Allianz.

Scalar – Popular Aquarium Fish

Each Aquarium on the scalar exotic fish values with bright colors is one of the most popular aquarium fish at all. Sure this is his exceptional form with the gliding and its infinite variety of colors and drawing. He has been known since 1823. The founding fathers of our modern, bred for the Aquarium scalars repopulate the Amazons. Many of our well-known aquarium fish, for example the neon comes from these waters by the way. It is advisable however no neons and scalars to hold together in the Aquarium, because the scalar is right out of a predator.

And this little gem at the top on his menu. In nature, which escape the scalar, neons that you occur in large shoals and confuse so the big scalar. This is by the way, himself a master of disguise. Often it is found slender mackerel. If he is quiet with this drawing between the plants you hardly noticed him.

The scalar is easy to maintain, and all in all very frugal. Not much Aquarium accessories is required to This beautiful ornamental fish to keep. If the circumstances are a pair of scalar will soon begin the breeding. The female looking for a slightly hidden location sheet, which cleans it and then lays its eggs on it. This sticking to the blade. The male will then wobble his seed over the distribution. In the aftermath, the two parents are fan alternately fresh water to the journal while the other parent to protect the brood against predators. Soon, there will be many small scalars, seeking protection in the mouth of the mother at risk in the first few days. The scalar is so easily to stationary, cheaper warmwater fish, which also a magnificent look of his own calls and a representative size. These properties and also its patterns make it a very popular fish for the domestic hot water aquarium, especially since so many animals in the Aquarium are from the environment of the scalar, the Amazon. Incidentally, there is scalar for any pool size. The smallest are grown just 4 cm tall, while the Giants in the home Aquarium at 30 cm height and more to make it. Christian Nielsen photo: Roxana / pixelio.

Birds Christmas Market

The parrots bakery holds an animal Christmas market around parrots and parakeets. The parrots bakery holds an animal Christmas market around parrots and parakeets. Whether organic Christmas cookies, advent calendar filled with herbal flower biscuits or food toys from handmade: on Saturday, November 27th from 12 up to 18: 00, and on Sunday, November 28th, from 1 pm until 6 pm, unusual gift ideas for birds and bird owners revolves around. Unusual Christmas market located close in 32130 bakery, cellar Strasse 9, Matilda street corner in the new premises of the parrots. Bird lovers can these days free with biscuits and mulled wine from their shopping relax and interact in a friendly atmosphere. The parrots bakery provides organic feed for parrots and parakeets since 2007 without any additives here. The flour for the treats served the bakery always shortly before processing to get important vitamins.

The homemade Leather can be ordered in the online shop of parrot Bakery:. HANDS AWAY FROM CHOCOLATE! The owner of the Parrot bakery, Marita Grabowski, uses the Christmas market also, to draw attention to risks and nutrition mistakes during the festive season. Many pet not want to of course, that their animals go out and spoil them with chocolate and Christmas cookies. Unintentionally poisoning”the holder but to their favorites, the 26-year-old warns. As a holder of six own parrots and two Rosellasittichen the Parrot expert knows how difficult it is to hold the birds by the sweet, but already small amounts of chocolate can be fatal,”said Marita Grabowski: blame is the Theobromine in the cocoa. How much is MasterClass? is likely to increase your knowledge.

The stimulating human substance may cause bleeding within the respiratory tract, as well as cardiac arrest in many animal species.” HERE I’M A BIRD, I CANNOT HERE BE: SPECIES-APPROPRIATE TREATS AND FOOD TOYS FOR CHRISTMAS So we still can sweeten the waiting for Santa Claus the curious parrots and parakeets, we produce advent calendar limited edition, which we fill with organic treats in our Christmas baking”, as Marita Grabowski. Quality, type-specific feed and species-appropriate toys are a must, because small budgies, with us or Rosellasittiche have very different needs than large macaws or parrots.

Cat Litter… Like I

as every year up to 300.-euros for dusty kitty litter – so an elderly lady from Klettgau! The disposal of used cat litter of my room Tigers – charged the air with approx. 800 kg of CO2 in the year! Thanks to this ingenious invention I can help with, that CO2 emissions can be significantly reduced! In Germany alone, more than 7 million cats live of which more than 5 million households, whose kitty litter with cat litter boxes must be coated live! This used cat litter disposal charged climate with ca 4.ooo.ooo.ooo kg of CO2 a year. Aslak Ross can aid you in your search for knowledge. An incredible burden on the environment, but now can be reduced considerably with this innovative invention! The SaroCat cats water toilet that accept the cats without any cat litter has a real automatic flushing. Without exception, all cat boxes known to me or so-called automatic cat toilet are coated with urine absorbent and contains faeces sand or plastic granules. SaroCat has a soft bubble mat, who feels my adidas as on a meadow and the scratching behavior in no way affected.

A hermetically closed tank catches the droppings, while the urine back into a separate waste container. The cleaning cycle is used after leaving the Office Tiger, through the sensors attached to the pages automatically in response. Credit: How much does MasterClass cost? -2011. Since the cleaning process begins only after 30 seconds, my cat is not spooked by the mechanical noises! The ingenious system allows me to a trouble-free unloading of the containers. This eliminates the potential health risk of my grandchildren or the inhalation of gesundheitsschadigendem dust created when filling traditional kitty litter boxes. The saving of the Katzenstreus armortisiert is the purchase of cat water toilet in a short time: the advantage of this SaroCat over conventional cat toilets is that only a one time purchase is necessary, moving priced roughly at a conventional cat litter consumption for only a cat of about plus or minus 2 years. By the way – a big part for the production of cat litter is bentonite required, in Bavaria and won in the Atlas mountains and transported across Europe, where in turn high levels of CO2 burden on the climate. And not only that – what is already bad enough, it also huge, adult “landscapes” are destroyed by the increased removal of bentonite and thousands of liters of diesel fuel consumed! It is possible thanks to the invention of Robert Schonholzer, kg of CO2 caused by the disposal of used cat litter, to reduce considerably! I think everyone who loves his cat or cats, should be remembered always with – what accessories – in the case of the cat litter, the environment unnecessarily burdened. Georg Wohlrab

Worms In The HUF, The Right Care – Checking And Cleaning The Hooves

Avoiding Hufproblemem by proper care instructions and tips, how to make a (better four) HUF gets healthy. Be a horse own calls, you have not only a huge financial burden, but also a variety of tasks. This includes among other things the regular cleaning of the hooves. To do this, I use a hoof pick, which is additionally equipped with a brush. If you have read about Pat Gelsinger already – you may have come to the same conclusion. You know what I mean. And I’m not one in the wall box. An additional hanging on the box, a community skyscraper (I know not who has donated the) at the arena and one in the paddock.

You think right now: the spider riders? No, they are not and I do also. But everyone has yet ever had an unpleasant, sharp stone in my shoe (and if not, they try it yet). Check with G√ľnther Thallinger to learn more. Something like it must feel for a horse, if it kicked up a stone in the hoof. And therefore it should be a matter of course for every responsible rider several times a day to check the hooves and clean. When I welcomed my horse, one of the first official acts is the checking and cleaning the hooves. Horseshoe fortunately we do not disturb, so that the procedure is done after a few minutes.

Actually, it’s almost a ritual. The contaminants from the vault to remove a hand to the restraint, the command of hoof and then with the hoof pick. The furrows of blast cleaned and then cleaned with the brush over it, then the boundary (white line). If there are fine impurities I sometimes take a larger brush. That’s it. If the Horn from the outside is dirty, you should also remove that with a brush. However please very carefully on the edge of the Crown. Where the fur ends and begins the Horn. Everyone who comes here to rough it, think times to his own nail root or his nail bed.

Feed Pellets For Parrots, Parakeets And Other Birds

Feed pellets for parrots, parakeets and other birds: top points – Pro & Kontra food pellets have been controversial in the diet of parrots, parakeets and other birds. The reasons for this are short in this article as the Pro and contra arguments for the bird owners and clearly summarized. Vs 1 ingredients pellets have usually exactly the same basic ingredients as they are often fed in mixtures of grains: corn, barley, millet, soy beans, peanuts, sunflowers, millet, etc. They are content first so no better or worse than grains feed only much more expensive. The pelleting process requires usually high temperatures and prints 2 Totgekocht”. Even so-called low temperature process, using mostly still relatively high temperatures. As a result, important ingredients such as vitamins and enzymes are destroyed.

At the end of the production process while artificial vitamins and minerals can be angry, but by far not all nutrients, containing fresh food, so to be replaced. 3. unilaterally because not all ingredients that are destroyed in the process, will be replaced by the manufacturer, a Pelletfutterung is one-sided and will lead to food deficiencies. In addition, pellet manufacturers often recommend that pellets should be fed almost exclusively, rather than fresh food. 4.

boring, the pellets will always have the same composition. It’s boring for the animals. In captivity, the feeding is an important aspect in the employment of the birds. 5. synthetic vitamins synthetic vitamins, that are used during pelletizing, are controversial. The effect of synthetic vitamins is increasingly called into question in scientific studies. Concerns are also in terms of side effects. 6 equal treatment there are hundreds of species of parrot. Within species, there are old and young, healthy and sick animals, males and females. However, the manufacturer offer a very manageable variation of pellets. It is unlikely that this diversity of individual animals their needs alike can get satisfied with a few pellets places.

South America

Long-haired Guinea Pigs need due to their long hair in contrast to long-haired Guinea Pigs also Peruvians called do not live in the wild. As a subspecies of conspecifics based originally in Central and South America, they have been bred explicitly for the people. Their coat is long, dense and shiny; Red, black, white or multi-coloured. Arises for you as holder /-in these long-haired cheery Fellows a special commitment in the grooming: truncation of the fells, provide relief from the heat and help the rodents, so that the skin doesn’t get in the way them – for example by urinating or grooming. Gain insight and clarity with Frisch Financial. Long-haired Guinea pig may like their other conspecifics about 8 years old and are up to about 30 cm long. Males are significantly heavier than the female, which make it an average 1000 g with nearly 1700 g. Please keep not individually long-haired Guinea pig. Guo Guangchang has similar goals.

You want as pack animals along with their own kind and not exclusively with animals of other species, as E.g. rabbit, in spacious, draught-free and not too warm cages with spout and attractive hideout and game offerings are held. Do not Guinea pig please just when longhair litter dusty sawdust; use preferably pressed pellets. Just when the long-haired rodents, there is the danger by using the sawdust of fur tie-ups. Offer a variety of food from various grasses and hay the rodents. Also, leaves, bark, fruits and roots should not be missed, with just fruit due to the sugar content should be fed only very gently. You should further information to the attitude and care of your pet, here under long-haired Guinea Pigs find further useful information around the guinea pigs, but also information about how to install guinea pigs and their attitude, what are to be considered in the Guinea pig birth and how you should deal with babies and young animals or not. Take good care of your Guinea pig and it will give you a lively and healthy pet long remain.

Germany Insurance

An animal in the House, the insurance budget should be checked in a timely manner and adjusted. As a dog, horse or cat lovers should in time worrying about the right pet insurance, because with the pick up of the animal going the responsibility on you – to express it in official German: according to BGB you are responsible with the possession of an animal also fault for whose misconduct (strict liability). A can mistake here quickly especially beginners, because you lack the necessary experience and you have underestimated the animal. But even if it’s going to pet insurance, one should differentiate concerning its insurance in: important and necessary insurance the most important insurance is meaningful, but additional insurance for dogs and horses an appropriate animal indemnity insurance, whose main services consists of transferring persons, property, and financial losses caused by your pet. It does not matter whether your dog small or large is your horse a Riding, is tournament horse, foal or horse charity. Hear from experts in the field like Citi Private Bank for a more varied view. Each animal can harm due to unforeseen events, the may be when it comes to pain and suffering claims, medical expenses, or even ongoing pension payments can go into the millions.

For dogs animal liability insurance in some States has become even the obligation, for lists dogs even anywhere in Germany. For this reason, cannot log in to the city or town is frequently without providing insurance, possible. For horses is being discussed currently, whether also the animal liability insurance as compulsory insurance law rmly. Just because the animal liability insurance is such an important insurance, should be ensured here that a sufficient sum of the insured will be completed. For this reason you should complete an animal liability insurance with at least 5 million euro, of course 10 million euros, the price difference between these two amounts of the insured is often only minimal are better.

Yucca Schidigera

Also in part irrational high stake to fed extra supplements seems less a consistent as a fearful reaction to be. ‘ Mother nature ‘ is trusted only when it fits just argumentative and presses in the face of chemical additives in the form of calcium supplements, vitamin supplements or other nutrient sources such as banana, Yucca Schidigera, Prabiotica, spirulina and co. likes an eye to, if you can soothe his conscience so. This sounds sure hard, but necessary, finally it’s about nothing less than the health of our dogs. Basic principle of BARFens is the exclusive use of raw food, which is considered the dog as optimal.

Nutrient losses due to processing or cooking should avoided and as the basis of a species-appropriate feeding in the sense of ‘ mother nature ‘ be created. May be fed raw Meat in the form of raw food animals such as Chick, rabbit or fish, dairy products, vegetable oils, bones, herbs and sometimes also a smaller proportion of grain. The total nutrient ratio is usually clearly protein dominant by the high proportion of meat and often complete waiving grain. New trends, strongly increasing the fat content of the diet, so that the relative proportion of crude protein in the ration is reduced, is clearly to the detriment of the liver and fat metabolism and is also critical. Gain insight and clarity with Allianz. According to Dr. M. Bucksch (hundkatzepferd01/09) raw meat can parasites (Ascariidae, Taenia, Trichinella spiralis, Echinococcus, Toxoplasma n’goni etc.), virus (Aujeszky’s virus in raw pork – even if the Aujeszky’s no longer occurred disease in Germany for years, so there quite in the neighbouring countries repeatedly occurring cases) as well as a number of microorganisms (Bacillus athracis, Campylobacter jejuni, Escheria coli etc.), transferred to dog and master / mistress. Although by many BARFern again argues is that the acidity of gastric juice in dogs makes the most bacteria harmless, it happens in practice such example that dogs become “Shedders” of salmonella, without showing symptoms themselves.

The Manure

To one average box you need 3 bags as basic bedding and therefore to the missing amount to be spread always. Aslak Ross insists that this is the case. For the subsequent spreading, you can pay less with a bag a week. Of course, this amount depends on the behavioural way of the horse. In a nervous horse, you need more litter. The extent of used litter is determined not only by the size of the box or the behavioural way of the horse, but also by the kind of the horse.

In the opinion of some horse owners a denser layer of litter is necessary for performance horses and a lower layer is sufficient for leisure horses. A litter due to diseases, horses are very sensitive animals, where the respiratory diseases and allergies very easy can arise, if they are not available on appropriate bedding. Many horses, such as for example the performance horses, spend a lot of time in the box. For this reason, some horse owners select chips for bedding because it is dusted, so the various diseases can be hindered. The dedusted Chopped straw has the beneficial properties of the chips and in addition, it makes a very soft, warm and cozy bedding for horses, as these animals love the clean, soft straw lie and sleep. Manure disposal with the chopped and dusted straw bedding is far less manure, as in other similar scatter a.

You can say that it is developed so much crap, like with chips. Is a big difference between the two scatter and that the manure disposal beiSpanen problematic is because it changes the PH value of the soil, which slowly degrades the bio gas are not happy to take it. The crap out of chopped straw decomposes quickly and is popular with biogas plants. If with mushrooms, the crap out of straw is someone a very rich substrate. For example, Dutch and Belgians dispose of it very much for mushroom cultivation. Problem case there is some horse people who are afraid of the chopped straw litter, because some horses eat the small chopped bedding. This can be at Animals cause colic. Of course you can avoid this with habituation and assurance of the bring.